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Saturday 20th April 2024:  kick-off 12.30pm

Scottish Cup Semi-Final - Aberdeen v Celtic

🔴⚪️ Come on you Reds! ⚪🔴

Dons v Accies

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I'll get it this week  :thumbsup:


In or oot - In


Furryboots - Mainer


Pre/Post -  Driving


Prediction - 4 - 0  Rooney x4


  Hopeful team          Woodman


              Logan  Arnason  McKenna Shinnie


                            Chidi  McLean


                    McGinn  Christie  GMS



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Not watching on RedTV International because they're a bunch of amateurs IMO who couldn't run a piss up in a brewery

Probably still in bed

Possibly on line being Billy-no-mates in chat

Probably dealing with a manic 6yo so her mum can get some extra hours at work

8-0 Aberdeen Rooney (x2) McLean, McKenna, McGinn (x3), Rodgers

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Would stick to the line up from Wednesday, but suspect we may see Woodman in goal and O'Connor in for Arnason.


We should play them off the park, but Hamilton can raise their game against us, so will go for a comfortable 2-0 victory. An early Shinnie opener and a late Rooney finish to settle our nerves.



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7 goals in last 2 games since McGinns return. Would not make any changes from Wednesday if injury free. Hopefully score a barrow load today to push this mob down the table. Would love to see them go down with their plastic pitch and half built ground.


Oot - replacemt buses from Dundee so no chance of making game

Daughters dance classes

Lowland league game either Edinburgh Uni v Dalbeattie or Spartans v East Kilbride


4-0 Rooney x 2 Christie and The Swimmer.



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Not a great game but goals, a shutout, and the ugly sisters losing means a good weekend. Woodman looked ok but put under little pressure. Other than one clearance that went to them, don't recall other mistakes. Hamilton offered so little up top so AOC didn't have any bomb scares. McKenna is quality, crazy how natural he looks in there, hoping Devlin creates a partnership for a good few years (although McKenna being sold for $$$ is possible.) McGinn looks refreshed and eager to do well and we certainly have attacking options.


I think 8 days until the next game will give us a little needed rest. 5 games in two weeks on heavy pitches takes it's toll and todays performance was a reflection of that.

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A shite game which we deservedly won. Great having Niall back and the break he had seems to have done him a world of good, looks so fresh, he has certainly gave us back something which we were missing in the first half of the season. It is also a great watching McKenna, he is an impressive player and was great to see him get the captains armband when Shinnie went off


Feel sorry for the loon Rogers, didn't think he deserved to be dropped, but DM knows best.....


I don't think we learned anything from todays match we didn't look like losing as Hamilton were awful, worst team I have seen all season, but to be fair there were a couple of short spells in the game when they looked on top, but they are so bad. Be very surprised if they manage to stay up yet again.


No young outfield players on the bench today, that is an area which needs to be addressed ASAP, if our youth players are worse than Nicky Maynard and Dom Ball, then something is very wrong.

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I can only assume that Arnason has fitness issues? A strange one though if not, considering we apparently paid a fee for him.


He looked gash against County, I'm not surprised he was dropped. Good move getting Devlin in, as neither Arnason or O'Connor (who did alright today) have impressed this season.


Decent performances by McGinn, Considine, McKenna and McLean today. Logan alright too. Rest were average.


Despite having another poor game, we'll struggle in the next two without Shinnie. The boy Nwakali looked pretty suspect when he came on - like a 8 year old playing fitba in a man's body. I think he'd have to be coached through the entire game. Might turn out okay. Nae sure about Woodman either, was strangely (for a modern 'keeper) pap with the ball at his feet. He had one good save today, where he stood up well in a good position. It was similar to the County second the other day that Rogers had a mare with, letting it through his legs in entirely the wrong position. Hopefully Lewis makes a good recovery.

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Thought arnie was honking against county so wasn’t surprised to see him dropped. Possibly a shame for McKenna, but I doubt he’ll be here beyond the summer. He won’t learn much from AOC.


Anyway, great finish from consi for both, but especially the first. Almost Rooney-esqe in terms of being an instinctive finish. Then mcginn with a strong finish for the second. Good cross from christie for the third and consi duly obliged with a simple headed finish.


Didn’t look like they really troubled the team today but care I do not. 3 points when the other cunts  dropped all their points. Happy days.


Bring on the arabs.

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Didnt set the heather on fire,but still won by 3 goals.Not a lot more to add to whats already been said.Curious to see what May could add to the attack in place of Rooney,who i thought toiled a bit getting into the game.Though he might have done more if supplied with different service to what he got,eg a few low balls across the goals rather than the aerial route.

    Might be a few hidings handed out if we can get fully into gear.Kenny McLean was at the heart of a lot of things,and praise too for McGinn,Consi and McKenna.Woodman looked ok,no world beater,seems harsh on Rogers but up to Deek.

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Watched the highlights online and that was some finish from Considine for the opener. Any striker would have been proud of it.

I was hoping to see a chance where Rooney did some good work outside the box to get an opening, but his lack of pace screwed up the finish, I think the covering defender made up ground to stop the shot, but it should have been buried in the back of the net.  I had also forgot about the McKenna deflected shot in the first half, which nearly caught out their keeper. 


Niall McGinn though is really showing how much we missed him and I was one of the fuds who wanted him away at the end of last season, shows you I know sweet FA.  :-[

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