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Dundee - Dons - Friday -745PM

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So, proper football is back tomorrow night.  live on BT sport!


Only players who are unavailable are Reynolds and Stockley (injury and suspension respectively).


Dundee's form is patchy at best, on the back of 3 league losses, albeit they were a little bit unlucky against the timmery but thought that was more down to the tims being poor than Dundee being good.


Hopefully we'll see a team that up for it and really game to end the season on a high. Jonny got his first ROI start earlier this week, despite the loss, he should be buzzing.  We need to keep setting the bar for the hunnery 2.0 and the rest.




Restaurant in Thirsk - hopefully catch the second half somewhere..


2-1 Dons, Rooney and McLean

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Looking forward to this one.  A cracking crowd expected (as usual), kicks off the weekend, I aint driving so i'll be grabbing a few tins on the way down for a change, recycling day next week.  Life is good.


In or Oot - In + 2


Furryboots - ahind the goals near the back


Pre/post -  few tins on the way down/probably back to the local for a nightcap


Prediction - Hayes gets the ball rolling with an early goal..... 4-1 to the mighty

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For the second time this year, AFC score 7 and I wasn't at either. Spewing. But a happy spewing.


Two things I take from it;


1. There is a ton of shite in the SPFL.


2. If we can perform like that, how are we so poor a lot of the times?


As a critic of McInnes - who I blame for the final debacle (and the next week at Ibrox for insane team selections) - I've got to hand it to him. It's not surprising that a man working professionally with the players day in, day out knows more than us fans.


Maybe Shinnie is best in midfield? I think he would be in the Scotland team if he'd been playing LB all season but as last night proved again, we need him there. Our midfield isn't good enough/strong enough/deep enough not to have him there.


Considine is finally showing the quality that we all knew was in him but that previous managers couldn't find. By playing him every week - most appearances this season? - he's been injected with the faith of his manager that allows belief and confidence to take root. I love that footballer.


Maybe sticking with Rooney who has clearly been off form these last two months is another management strength? His loyalty to McGinn when he was struggling a couple of years ago has also borne fruit, them playing their way out of it (eventually) knowing that the gaffer believed in them.


Where previous managers thought Clangfool was good enough - and even St Mirren know he's shite - McInnes has sourced Ward and Lewis, the two best keepers we have had this century.


This is just another symptom of the managers recruitment skills. He's introduced some excellent footballers to AFC over the years.


McInnes has made mistakes - all the best do - but he's learned from them and what I thought were mistakes, he's proved me wrong. Calderwood and McGhee were "professional" managers but they were shite. Brown was well past his sell by date and equally ineffective but McInnes, he's turning into the real deal. I salute him for rising above the pack of mediocrity in Scottish football and destroying shite that was begging to be destroyed, through consistent management and sticking to his guns, guns that are far more qualified than anybody else has.

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