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Got be Cavendish for me. Staggering performance this year and probably one of the best sprinters ever in world of cycling.


Apart from him Darren Clarke for his Open win and unlike the other two golfers probably won't have another shot at it. Also Mo Farrah for over coming the Africans and winning Britain's first middle distance gold in a generation.

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No not a decent watch at all. Only reason I watched it for the first time in ages was to see the Walker Cup team who were told that they had been nominated for Team of the Year. But they weren't one of the 3 teams??? Man U, Wales rugby and the faggots who won, English cricket. Shite programme but for the Lifetime award for SSRedgrave. Cavendish is another awesome athlete though.

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Team of the year was bang on IMO opinion, the English cricketers had an incredible year. Just because you don't like it doesn't mean it's wrong.


Coach and overseas awards were spot on too, as was the top 3 in the main event.


I'd love to bone Sue Barker.

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Amazed Cav win by so much, didn't credit the British public with the ability or knowledge:



Mark Cavendish 169,152 (49.47%)

Darren Clarke 42,188 (12.34%)

Mo Farah 29,780 (8.71%)

Luke Donald 23,854 (6.98%)

Andy Murray 18,754 (5.48%)

Andrew Strauss 17,994 (5.26%)

Alastair Cook 13,038 (3.81%)

Rory McIlroy 11,915 (3.48%)

Dai Greene 9,022 (2.64%)

Amir Khan 6,262 (1.83%)

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