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UEFA Euro 2020 - Croatia v Scotland

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  1. Thanks Parker....its a long story but as some other things you need the tweets to get the full context. Rikki I thought actually knew James via Jute/Linda as I do, Ali (bugpowerdust) was slating 'the agent' after reading he had signed when I know James did a great turn.
  2. Sorry min, you are right I have used the info you gave me for my own ends. Chris & manc knew nothing - this is just me. I know you dont know all of them, but I do speak to journos esp Harvey - who had broke the story about Lukas. Rikki, June (the redpriest), & Ali I know in real life and was sure they wouldnt say anything. I know I shouldnt have said anything - hence why I said it to people you don't know not other globes. But you did say Lukas was not going to accept the offer and I asked if he was pushing for more money and you replied aye plus extra if he gets in the 1st team
  3. Shankland has played in 11 games but only gets on average 7 mins to impress. We want our young players to know they can break into the team and not be persuaded by their agent to try elsewhere.
  4. I think he has to be put in front of Goodwillie
  5. Thanks to Peterheidloon for the updates on twitter & photos: The dons U20s ran out easy winners v Celtic @ Greenock today. Shankland was once again the star man and scored a hatrick against the tormented Celtic defence. Rose & Culjak impressed in the Aberdeen defence. The U20 will now fly out to join the full squad in Tenerife.
  6. I thought you were Korean?
  7. It cheered me up hearing how upset you were by that
  8. http://sport.stv.tv/football/311451-is-safe-standing-coming-soon-premiership-clubs-state-their-position/
  9. Some poor goalkeeping from Brown today, time for Langfield to return?
  10. Pissed off. Flood should have been off, Goodwillie can fuck off, Smith or Shankland on instead of him earlier.
  11. Hayes starts https://twitter.com/redrevolution2/status/571988899028996096
  12. I just hope we can do it and not fucking bottle it
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