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Saturday 20th April 2024:  kick-off 12.30pm

Scottish Cup Semi-Final - Aberdeen v Celtic

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  1. No shouts for Robbie Winters in goal? Surprised by that.
  2. I wouldn't admit to that if I opened my bedroom curtains and I 'accidentally' saw them playing in my back garden.
  3. At least someone is giving it a bash. If it doesn't work then so be it, at least they're attempting to try something new because the 'war on drugs' has failed miserably for decades. I seem to recall Portugal having done this in the not too distant past and had positive results. I'm sure someone can link those details, I injected one whole hash earlier and can't be bothered.
  4. I agree with it in principle. But, and this is a huge but, because I just don't see it ever happening; the tax revenue would have to go towards helping people with addiction. Be that medicinal, therapy sessions, clinics, centres, etc. Personally I see it being taxed, the addicts being left to rot (as they already are) and the money finding it's way into the toff's pockets. Just a new way to dumb down the population and coin in on the less fortunate.
  5. See LCD Soundsystem is talking about a comeback.
  6. Pot, kettle. To get back on track I think it's more to do with the environment you're in than what the media are telling you. I live in a place where people open fruit on street corners with machettes and the cops carry machine guns. At no point have I ever felt like I was going to be stabbed or shot. A while back a guy got opened up with a machette spitting distance from where I live, I never saw the attack but the aftermath was like a scene from Dexter. Claret everywhere. I still feel the same about guns or machettes. Complete indifference. I've also stood next to a guy in a 7/11 in Sweden who had an 8" Rambo knife strapped to his leg and a rifle strapped over his shoulder. Nobody batted an eyelid, because he was off hunting moose and hunting is a large part of their culture in Scandinavia. Had he being wielding either then it might have been a different story as there's a big difference between wielding a knife or gun and holding a knife or gun. If I was in Basra under the same pretences then I'm sure I'd feel differently about both those situation. But not because what a newspaper had told me what to think, purely because of my inbuilt survival instincts. I like to think as myself as streetwise, I've been in some hairy situations, but until bullets start flying or axes are being swung at my head then chances are I'd be up for a few selfies with some boys armed to the teeth, hanging off the back of a Hylux, just for shits 'n giggles.
  7. So............. long story short, and to answer the question you originally posed; no teachers aren't wankers, you just got your arse felt by one on the interwebs and took the huff. Glad we got there in the end.
  8. Pretty much nailed it MB. You big bully.
  9. No, what makes sense is for the manufacturer to make the expensive bit of hardware without the built in redundancy of having to have items added to it, or replaced, or updated every two minutes. But with a loyal bunch of suckers only too happy to throw money at them, why would they?
  10. Here be the problem. Folk that queue overnight to buy a 500 quid rose gold iphone that needs to be protected with a 99p rubber johnny makes me warm inside. I'm not entirely sure if they make protective cases or screen covers for Samsung phones because their screens aren't made from a material that you have to protect like your first born.
  11. As depressing as it is, it'll never change. If it's not some Emo kid rootin-tootin-shootin up his school then it's the cops mowing down the people they are employed to serve and 'protect'. That's why I'll continue to buy a fuck-load of shares in American arms dealers and private sector jails. There's no profit in peace. America - fuck yeah! $$$$$$$$$$
  12. It's fashionable to dislike overpriced stuff that breaks? Fair enough, I must be the height of fashion. Not true in the slightest. I dare say that's what Apple have sold you. Literally.
  13. I thought humpings like that were well past us.
  14. Just take it into a shop and replace it with something that isn't Apple. Problem solved.
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