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Lee Hendrie

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I've never heard of the c**t!  ???




Join the club.


I had it in my mind that it was the boy Hendrie who used to play for Middlesbrough, but it turns out he's almost 50 and is infact cousin of the famous 'Lee Hendrie', a fact I found out while googling the name 'Lee Hendrie'

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McGhee: "We need to add more experience to the squad. Hendrie or Hartley would give us that.


"We have invited Hendrie up so that we can have a look at him. I'm hoping he can play in the game at Dunfermline.


"He's got a great pedigree from his time in England and would do well in the SPL.


"I'm also confident that a player like Hendrie would help Fraser Fyvie develop.


"Whether we sign Hendrie will be influenced by a lot of things, including how we get on with Hartley."


McGhee is currently assessing six trialists with more due to join the pre-season training camp in England next week.


He is looking to make at least SEVEN signings in time for the season opener against Hamilton Accies on August 14.


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Im now actually a bit concerned about having so many new faces in the squad all at once so close to the start of the season.  I think it will take a t least until christmas for the team to work properly together. It wil also take a bit of time to see if any (or which) of these signings are duds and not working. By then we could well be in a bit of bother with league placement.

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I can't really understand why we had a picture of Hendrie, smiling and wearing the AFC training top at Todders, if we haven't already signed him. I'm sure a lot of other clubs knew of his availability - but those that didn't now know of course.


If it turns out he does well against Dunfermline, then someone else comes in for him, then I think questions have to be asked of AFC over this.


Dodn't want to be too negative though - I think this is a really good move by McGhee and Co. A big-name(ish) player with bags of experience, a proven reputation at a high level - lets get him signed up ASAP.

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So its one or the other then  :-\


Not sure Hendrie will like the sounds coming from McGhee when he basically says Hartley is first choice.  Maybe should have kept that on the QT although he is thinking it.

Keep the fingers crossed something good comes from all of this.  Would be a kick in the face if we ended up with neither. 


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"This should be the first chance for Dons fans to have a look at possible new signing Lee Hendrie. "


Sounds like the RedWeb team are confident at least...


or unconfident of getting hartley.


Not convinced either of these are worth the wages. The right kind of experience is great but that depends on much more than age. Judging by career trajectory, Hendrie doesn't seem like his attitude fits the bill.

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