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Wednesday 29th May 2024

Scottish League Cup Group Stage Draw - 1pm

🔴⚪️ Come on you Reds! ⚪🔴


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  1. We’ve ditched gold trim for silver trim. Such a lack of ambition, board oot!
  2. I think Hoilett is probably worth another 12 months, he’ll be a good option off the bench with 20 minutes to go if Plan A isn’t working.
  3. Good indication of what we have been missing, and what we will need to prioritise next season if Barron leaves.
  4. Biggest signing of this summer will be Miovski’s new contract!
  5. Best thing about that big stramash down at the front was seeing the presumably injured Miovski right in the middle of the bodies with the biggest smile in the world on his face pumping his fist in the air. Boy loves being a Dandy.
  6. On the law of averages, you’d think Roos would go the right way more than 1 out of 7. Cunt could have dragged himself out of the way before Duncan’s pen too.
  7. We’ve been done here, that’s a penalty all day long.
  8. It looked to me that someone at the other end of the “line” could have been playing him on but very difficult to see through the stramash of players, which makes it difficult to justify deeming it a “clear and obvious” error (assuming I haven’t misunderstood the VAR/offside rules again).
  9. He seems to be a good coach and has stood up and made sure we have at least fought to grind out points despite the clown show going on in the boardroom and the Warnock debacle. I like the “no drama, get down to business approach”. No illusions that he wants the pressure of being the manager, just wants a coaching gig at a good club. Therefore on a personal level I hope he finds a bit of longer term job security with us, particularly if he’s actually good at his job which his track record and the respect the players seem to have for him would suggest.
  10. Just reading Leven’s Wikipedia page there, didn’t realise how successful he’d been as an assistant manager in Belarus and Russia working under the manager who’s now in charge at Dinamo Moscow. Hope there’s a place for him in the future coaching team structure.
  11. The reigning ‘German Football Manager of the Year’ who managed a Budesliga team in the Champions League last season? Seems highly unlikely.
  12. It would be depressing as fuck if McInnes was the best we could come up with.
  13. Liked Mackenzie giving it back to Shinnie in equal measures after Shinnie’s shit pass out of play.
  14. The manager of the German national team? Very kind of you to befriend the village idiot.
  15. Statement went up on the website last night. We appointed a German management consultancy company and seemingly their conclusion is that we need to appoint a Technical Director to support the Director of Football. No really. If the outcome of every management consulting process in the history of the world is anything to go by, we can expect this Technical Director to be affiliated with this consulting company in some way. Steve Gunn better start brushing up on his German.
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