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Scottish Premiership:

Aberdeen v Hibernian

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  1. Tuesday morning and someone throwing a wee bit of plastic is still the back page headline in the Scottish tabloids. Can’t think of a bigger overreaction in recent memory.
  2. Again, no we don’t. That was his role a couple of weeks a year with the England team. He’s our assistant manager/head coach/no. 2. According to Glass, a big part of his remit is designing set piece routines, which we seem to be generally ok at.
  3. Nailed on that Curtis Main will score against us.
  4. Alex Neil or Steve Clarke I have decided I’d rather watch us win ugly than watch attractive triangle passing between our central defenders and goalkeeper for half the match. If the big hoof up the park is inevitable I’d rather it was planned than done in a panic because the spoilsport opposition unfairly decide to press us with their forwards. That said, I’m still willing to give Glass the benefit of the doubt for now but I’m a bit worried that he’s trying to reinvent our playing style while signing players who have never really played in such a style in their careers. Unless these signings are known-quantity stop gaps until the recruitment system is in place to identify and sign players with specific attributes to fit the desired playing style.
  5. One thing that confused me was that we were about to bring on Campbell (I think) for Ojo but at the last moment, cancelled the substitution because Bates picked up a knock and he got replaced by Gallagher instead. We're still allowed to make 5 subs aren't we? I couldn't figure out why replacing Bates with Gallagher meant the plan to replace Ojo with Campbell had to be shelved.
  6. Ramirez seems to be Darren Mackie after finding a magic lamp and using the three wishes to be athletic, handsome and Hispanic rather than use any of them on being better at football. Only ever looks like scoring tap ins but has around a 25% success rate at them. A peak Adam Rooney would be in double figures already.
  7. Was in League 1 last season, surprised we couldn’t find any takers in the Championship/League 1, seems a capable enough left back.
  8. Will be interesting to see if the payment for the consultation will be made by the club or Cormack himself. Having seen the output of some of Deloitte’s management consulting recommendations in other companies I’m not too confident we’ll see anything groundbreaking.
  9. Russell was the striker coach for England. I believe his role with us is Assistant Manager. I recall Glass mentioning he's the one who designs all of our set piece routines.
  10. Slim


    COVID Passports then, will be required to attend football matches. A bit annoying as I've just moved back to Aberdeen and was looking forward to getting a season ticket. Currently there's no way to register overseas vaccines on the NHS app so I'm going to be locked out of Pittodrie from 1st October.
  11. So beat Israel at home, Faroes and Moldova away and we're in the play offs. Should be do-able....
  12. Walsall get their first win of the season, climbing off the bottom of English League 2 after dropping Ash Taylor. Strange he can look fairly competent for us but stinks the place out in the English bottom tier, same happened last time he left us IIRC.
  13. Record also mentions we've been sniffing about the Breidablik left back. Don't remember anyone from those games particularly standing out, think it's the boy with the big mop of blonde hair. I think we're pretty well covered there anyway.
  14. They’re a good team but I’m not having this narrative that came about around the time their 2nd goal went in that they’re the footballing equivalent of the Harlem Globetrotters. They’re about the level of the Rijeka team we beat or the Maribor team we narrowly lost to. The difference is that we didn’t seem to have any effective plan to give them any trouble in defence or how to contain their attacking threat. We looked completely unprepared tonight.
  15. 75 minutes to make the 2nd sub, while 3-0 down. Obviously no Plan B tonight. Or Plan A from the looks of it.
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