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  1. If McGinn is leaving, Watkins would be an adequate replacement. Not as a “No. 9” though.
  2. I don’t think he’d be a good fit for us but if he’s free and wages are not too high, good option to throw on from the bench to give opposition defenders something different to contend with. Too often we're in a position where our game plan is not really working and you look to our bench and see the same usual faces that are not going to change anything.
  3. Club’s statement basically said they have just found out about it which makes the “Allan has taken full responsibility” line a bit confusing. Poor form to take a job knowing you have a national interest court case coming up and not mention anything about it. He better be fucking good at his job...
  4. Hud on, aren't they spoon burning fucks because they're also in Leith?
  5. The player keeping him out of the team is American with an Irish passport, could be another potential loanee coming our way in the future. Was signed by Liverpool as a youth player and his father is named John Lennon. Imagine.
  6. I think it's going to be a season of transition whether we like it or not, most likely with a struggle to finish top 4. If we are going to lose 10 first team players, I would rather we focused on our top 3/4 targets and filled the rest of the gaps with blooding younger players and loan signings. If we're going to have patchy results anyway, I wouldn't be against having Ramsay and Mackenzie as our first choice full backs for a season. We can always put McCrorie and Considine in if they're really not up to it. It's a great opportunity to be able to give some of the younger players a pr
  7. Main signings will presumably be whoever the new Atlanta manager doesn’t fancy. Jake Mulraney most likely.
  8. Probably just waiting for him to get match fit, he's been chilling on a beach for past couple of months.
  9. Looks like Kennedy is being volunteered rather than volunteering.
  10. Our wage bill is 50% higher than Hibs according to Cormack.
  11. Griffiths will be out of contract unless Celtic trigger an extension clause entitling him to another year on £20k per week. So either he’s available for free or Celtic would be choosing to subsidise about 75% of his future wages for a rival club. Seems unlikely.
  12. Lots of mentions of the word “coach” with no mentions of “assistant” anywhere. Doesn’t sound like he’s coming to be second in command from that press release.
  13. I wouldn't be surprised to see a couple of youth team players getting a start, Ross and Ramsay perhaps.
  14. Davie Provan has a bit of a hit piece on Cormack in one of the tabloids today. In it he says it was widely known that McInnes was going at the end of the season and that McInnes himself was telling this to players he was trying to sign in January which scared off the top targets. With the way the previous 10 matches have gone, McInnes not having much motivation knowing he’s out the door and the players appearing to be performing accordingly, I’d say there’s more chance of Sheerin/Robson getting a tune out of the players in the remaining 6 matches than McInnes would have. No-one is go
  15. Seems Glass was a mentor to Brown when they were both at Hibs, which at least explains the connection. I would assume Glass would have a salary commensurate with his experience and track record, I’m not sure Brown would come up here for less than that amount, whatever it may be. At least I hope he wouldn’t.
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