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  1. Good news but would've been much better news if he'd signed up for longer deal.
  2. Shite idea. Get the fucker done by October like Jute says. Of course to give it some meaning it could do wi a Euro spot by I fear that's long gone now.
  3. In the sense that he was asked if he could do the job and he said yes, following that immediately with being complimentary about our club.
  4. In. Any victory. But agree wi Jute, some cunt is due a tanking off us.
  5. Good luck to him, affy early in his career to go into a club with fairly lofty ambitions in what's well known for being a cunt to succeed in.
  6. Agree on pretty much all counts, perhaps Flood coming back might take a wee bit of weight off a relatively small group we're relying on, thought Hayes was not right on it. Felt Pawlett made a lot of good runs that weren't getting made use of and in the end he stopped doing it. Lots of passing back inside when there was room to get behind what were very pish full backs. Might be over critical of a brilliant effort from a right hard working group of players but there you go.
  7. Jack has been immaculate. Great to see.
  8. For McInnes to publicly out the agent as shiteing it from him says enough for me. McInnes, completely unruffled publicly, privately must have been a little irritated. McGinn will continue to be a fucking good player for us, anyone who thinks differently is mental. But nice to see that the MSM in this neck of the woods feels the need to hae a wee jab at us. Thought it was a tap in for them to win the league?
  9. Asking whether we can is probably not the right question. Of course we can. Hard to think we will though but as the manager has said, concentrate on improvement, concentrate on becoming more consistent and good things can happen. No even halfway through the season guys, if we're 2 points behind in April then fair enough. We're a wee bit better and Celtic are a big bit worse, this would be the formula to give us a chance.
  10. Jack was immense, especially first half. Immaculate. Very much lacking the intensity from last week but I'd be inclined to give Killie a little credit, they had a game plan that almost worked for them. That said, couple off the woodwork, few ballooned over. Pretty dominant in terms of chances and possession. Good result but not a great performance like last week. Goodwillie was a little disappointing but again in comparison wi last week, boy desperately needs a goal.
  11. For better or worse the GR have been doing most of our shite patter on whatsapp or our own forum or twitter/FB. No doubt once the action gets back underway we'll all still post as much as previously. I personally got out of the habit when I was ill for a few months.
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