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Wednesday 19th June 2024

Euro 2024 -  🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Scotland v 🇨🇭Switzerland

kick-off 8pm

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  1. Seeing as this thread popped up I may as well mention he's off to Port Vale for a month. Grnuinely interested to see what he makes of himself as I have no idea how good he is.
  2. As a player he's unable to command a place in a team with 10 points less than us. It'd obviously be good for Vernon to be more prolific but it's not just about scoring, his link up play with the midfield is very important. Can't see Goodwillie fitting into our system, not quickly anyway. Vernon stopped scoring when we sold bebo, and we've never replaced the delivery he provided from wide. That's the issue, not the striker. I'd rather see us bring in someone who can cross, not some temporary bawbag who'll push Smith/McManus further down the pecking order.
  3. Main did look 85% or more full tbf. Was very different to previous years where tv games were embarrassing due to lack of numbers. Not sure why afc would be putting out underestimated official attendances though. Maybe part of Milne's conspiracy to rob us of ££s
  4. Scored the winner on his debut to win 3-2.
  5. apart from one mistake tate looked very handy. think we look a bit too disorganised without anderson though. was really wanting to see mcginn and vernon parter up with pawlett in the middle behind them instead of the lone striker because hibs were a bit too stodgy to carve open. but hey ho, all's well that ends well. I know butcher's inherited a mess and may well improve them a lot but it's amazing just how shite hibs' squad is. I wouldn't want a single one of their players.
  6. Langfield, Shaughnessy, Tate, Reynolds, Flood, Jack, Robson, Pawlett, Hayes, McGinn, Vernon Subs: Weaver, Anderson, Murray, Smith, Wylde, Magennis, Zola Assuming it's Shag, Tate, Reyn, Hayes. Maybe Jack, Shag, Reyn, Tate.
  7. Would've hoped masson could get loaned to a higher level than that. Shankland move sounds very good though.
  8. 9 wins out of 12 i think that is. cracking stuff. Anyone know what the story is with considine? would be brilliant to get a fully fit consi into that squad for the last few months of the season.
  9. Is that including goal difference minus celtic results?
  10. It was a frightening defensive performance all round. 3 more or less individual mistakes cost us each goal but we always looked capable of fucking it up. It actually reminded me of Fir Park on boxing day last year at times...which is a concern. it is exciting to see our midfield going forward though, and vernon seemed to link really well with a couple of them. always seems to be we get to this point of the season though and a couple of injuries expose the squad. main thing about that arse collapse though was the missed opportunity to improve the goal difference relative to utd.
  11. hector's ok but i do hope this transfer window's not spent discussing players we already have, considering the positions we need strengthened.
  12. Yet another clean sheet. This team is really coming together! Glad to see Vernon seems to be getting back to being the talisman. Also really glad we have zola for certain games where we need to bully defences. All in all I'm quite excited about this season, but even more excited about next season. If we keep these players and qualify for Europe we'll have a stonker of a team next year.
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