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I'm mizer

Originally from Buckie I now stay in Edinburgh in an enclave which is surprisingly nice as it is only 600 yards as the crow flies from Tynecastle.

I cant remember my first game at Pittodrie but it was in the late 80s.

I like to take photographs and now videos when out and at the football - this can annoy people.

I wear contact lenses

Hi im Nespa

Im Nespa from the old Donstalk

My alias is Jim

I live in Glasgow but fae Coatbridge

I like bubble baths and long walks in the park!

I like u2!


--- Quote from: chunk on March 13, 2007, 09:54:25 AM ---I'm chunk.

I have let yet another opportunity to change my username pass by, so I guess I can't moan about it.

--- End quote ---

I'm chief wiggum and like chunk I have failed to take this opportunity to change my username from this rather unimaginative one that I have had since pop was a boy.

My first game at Pittodrie was a 7-0 thrashing of the Blue Brazil around 1970 ish? I bide in Cove but I don't get to many games now due to family demands .(the wife  ::) ) Hoping to take my kids to their first game this season?

My hobbies are turning my tongue upside down and steeling undies of washing lines.

I like cheese but my body doesn't . It gives me sare guts and the skits.  >:(

I am madbadteacher. As I was originally. I am now thinner than my gallery pics, woohoo!

I live far, far away.

I am not going to be as depressing/depressive as before.

I am EPK, Was previously known as E-P-K and Esson-Penalty-King.

This was all to do with the day the old DT was back up and running after the hacker struck, And while i was registering, Esson saved a rather important penalty V Hibs.

Im also part of the Buckie Mafia.

Working in Norway.

30 years old this year  >:(

And EPK is making a return to Ibrox this weekend after a self imposed ban.


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