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  1. As I wasn't a real fan today and listened to the first half on the radio, I'll add that the commentators suggested Aluko was shite and should be subbed at half time. More swine flu in Aberdeen?
  2. If we're going by goals scored then surely Mackie should be captain?
  3. Isn't 12 minors enough to fail? Bloody hell.
  4. So you did! That would be where, and I'm sure I heard it on the radio too!
  5. I heard chat ages ago about him becoming director of football at Tynecastle.
  6. It's doing something weird lately and admin are aware of it and working on it I think. Shame it didn't work with our spammer on Thursday night...
  7. It's got nothing to do with the players that this guy has a low IQ though.
  8. McGhee thinks he'll be here for 3 or 4 years. (North Tonight) Better make improvements quickly then!
  9. They refused to refund my season ticket today. Raging. Said I didn't have an "exceptional reason". I'd say 8-1 is fairly exceptional.
  10. It's not like doing it from the Tyne Bridge.
  11. Why do people STILL think Milne should be giving AFC money?
  12. He did put Young at right back and Duff at centre back...even Jimmy wouldn't do that. The boos have started, fickle fans!
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