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  1. Aye you too. We ended up 4th which, given I had to play off scratch was pretty good going. Would've been at least 2nd if I'd got something representative. Ah well, maybe next year.... Looks like your lack of attendance may have allowed the boys to express themselves better - watched the game on BBC Alba, and looked not bad! As for mizer's question - that remains under debate!!
  2. I've been off becoming a father to my now 7.5 week old daughter. That and the fact my employer got a gob on because I was apparently trying to circumvent the internet restrictions by viewing embedded youtube clips or some shit like that when the site was on the naughty list. Have I missed much?
  3. Don't like Gothernburg Greats or Glory of Gothernburg stand - simple Gothenburg or Ullevi stand would do me. I also think individuals that have stands named after them should be dead - in memorium rather than anything. Who knows what damage a living person could do to the club in future? As a consequence, maybe have an Anderson/Donald stand (toss of a coin?) and leave the other two stands as whatever direction they face, or whatever road they lie on and wait for someone to die. We could then have a well thought out poll as to whether they are worthy of having a stand named after them, or whether we think the club would just be appealing to the lowest common denominator. As for the stadium itself, I have no issues with the highest bidder theory - the naming of the stands can reflect the character of the club.
  4. Hi there SeaBass, It is with greatest regret that I have to echo the sentiments of those above who have not seen said individual perform. One day, hopefully we will see him tear the Rangers defence to shreds, but for now it is just a pipedream. I would be grateful if you could keep me informed with any updates on his progress. Thanks in advance, Chunk Chunk
  5. It's reserves though. Generally guys won't push as much in reserve games as they do in first team, so I wouldn't worry too much about the result. In a way, reserve games are much like friendlies - can give guys a chance to get back fitness - like Wright - and just give a run out to others. Losing a reserve game, regardless of who was playing, or the opposition is a 'meh' moment as far as I'm concerned.
  6. Indeed - i particularly liked the mention of people being good to have in the dressing room, and the intimation that some of Calderwood's selections are determined by methods outwith his control...
  7. Is it just me, or did this one come true? (ignoring any clever accounting practices....)
  8. Mate of mine is an Arab, and he thinks it's between us and them for third, with no-one else really in the picture.
  9. Play down the paper talk in public Richard. Keep your goals private, then folk can't have a go at you the way they do when Derek Young says he is going to score 20 goals a season...
  10. Has he always worn his shorts on top of his jeans???
  11. Guy looks pretty good. From that clip, he seems to win pretty much everything in the air, and doesn't look to let much past on the deck either, can't be bad...
  12. I see Colin Woodthorpe's on that list. Eesht. Initially I was surprised when I noticed Carl Muggleton, but that topped him...
  13. I am actually a little sad I can't make this. Sad for football, as it is football that will be the main loser here...
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