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Alright, I'm Drewsome.

Currently living in Toronto, I was an original DonsTalker from the Stand Free days.

My first trip to Pittodrie was January 2/03 1-1 Draw with the Tims.

I still play this crazy game and now coach my 8 year old daughter's team.

I hope to be returning "home" in the near future.

fit like all?

I'm boaby.

I'm curretly in Ellon. I have been boaby on the old official chat site, the old donstlak, AFC-chat and boaby81 on the Stand Free messageboard.

First game at the pitt was late 80s, think Ehhlex Smith was in charge. We beat hibs 2-0. I was about 7 or 8.

I still try to play football 3 times a week. I like to see myself as a modern Beckenbauer, unfortuneately I'm more like David Winnie. IMO I'd be an ideal option to solve our current woes on the left side of the team. I have a truely awesome left foot.  ;)

I'm chunk.

I have let yet another opportunity to change my username pass by, so I guess I can't moan about it.

I play the 5-a-sides once a week, in goals though cos my knees are goosed. I have a Dons goalie top (grey) that I wear when playing.

I live in Dunblane and work in Edinburgh.

I like cheese.

I'm BTR.

If you don't know me by now, you will never, never, never know me.

I don't like Simply Red.

I also have an addiction to posting random Snatch quotes.


Thirty something. 

Cant remember my first game but it was in the closing days of the 1970's.  We probably won.

Been with the Dons through thick and thin, cup finals and great escapes.

Live in the 'Deen, with way too much time off work.  It's great.

Two special wee boys.

I also like cheese.

And soup.


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