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Scottish Premiershp

Saturday 13 August - kick-off 3pm

Aberdeen v Motherwell

Stand Free!

Scottish Cup 20/21


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17 hours ago, Jute said:

Fixtures being moved for some Greek guys funeral. 


The switching of the Don's match with the arse cheeks match is a damning indictment of Scottish football and Scottish West coast society in general.

It more or less tells us that the game and world revolves around those two teams.

It tells us that despite lockdown rules, neither set of supporters from the Glasgow teams can be trusted to behave themselves on the day of a well publicised funeral.


Sometimes, I hate Scotland and it's bending over to accommodate the "normality" of sectarianism.

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15 hours ago, Jute said:

I really object to giving them money as they are basically Setanta who almost sank Scottish football previously. 

That they were actually allowed to buy just Celtic and Sevco games for the cup is a complete scandal.

This is the thought process that has given us a dismal 36 year duopoly, and counting. We have the worst top division in world football, a completely corrrupt, shambolic fix, implemented by the authorities themselves, who are basically just proxies of the above two clubs.

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Winners are no longer guaranteed european football till christmas or £3million

Seems they will enter the Europa league '3rd' qualifying round' rather than the playoff round unless Chelsea win the champions league and finish in the top 4 of the EPL, or Villareal win the Europa League and finish 5th or 6th in La liga

They do have the advantage that winning their Europa league tie will guarantee them a place in the conference league but lose it and they go into the 3rd qualifying round of the con league.

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