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Scottish Premiershp

Saturday 13 August - kick-off 3pm

Aberdeen v Motherwell

Stand Free!

Scottish Cup 20/21


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51 minutes ago, RicoS321 said:

The place is riddled with Hun though, isn't it?

Where isn’t?

Brora just did in the HL what the bigger huns did in the big league. Threw ridiculous money at cheating their way to hollow victories.

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27 minutes ago, RicoS321 said:

Get the fifth round up min, Jesus. Terrible service.

Clear route to the final for the dons. Couple of easy games against livi and forfar

Apologies was trying to plant out some new flowers in the tubs on the balcony. This what lockdown has reduced me to.




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'Thrashed' their Cove namesakes according to the BBC.

That sea shanty weegie clown won't be getting anywhere near the draw again, the corrupt SFA would have been having kittens in the background when he got mixed up and pulled out the two heated balls together.

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8 hours ago, BigAl said:

One of the erse wipe rags has gone even better and used the word "skelped" ::)

Unreal. Anyway, Cove would have been delighted to lose to them, like most teams in Scotland are. 

Like McInnes was delighted to sell them Scott Wright, and pay them serious money for donkey McRorie, who's beginning to make Brian O'Neil look like a bargain.

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2 hours ago, tup1 said:

Premier Sports, what a joke. Another Aberdeen game I will be watching on a dodgy stream.

I really object to giving them money as they are basically Setanta who almost sank Scottish football previously. 

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