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  1. The Euros anthem is callled We Are The People. FFS.
  2. He was the best player on the pitch when we played Livvy recently so there's that.
  3. Jay Emmanuel-Thomas (JET) signing on a free transfer from Livvy.
  4. Looks like another Gordon Bennett situation.
  5. Great. We get someone who was about to be sacked anyway. The insurance thing is ridiculous. I'm not into dishonest people at all. We should sack him too.
  6. I hate Kamberi with a passion. Horse faced hun bastard he is.
  7. More absolute shit from the Dons. Get rid of all these players, they are stealing their wages.
  8. Lol. He seems like the perfect transfer target for the huns.
  9. Hun McBurnie arrested for being a typical hun and brawling in the street.
  10. Football in danger of collapse at the 'highest level' now. I fully support the Man United fans against the money hungry vultures who have somehow managed to own their club. I'd rather there was no football at all than see boneheaded footballers being paid £300k per week to play in some superleague.
  11. They were talking about 4 years in jail for Giggsy on the radio Because he was at the wife beating and intimidation for 4 years. He's going to be hung out to dry with all these women involved in football now. His brother must be rubbing his hands in glee.
  12. Livingston to accept cryptocurrency TFC (TheFootballCoin) as payment. The Dons should follow suit.
  13. I’d say the players are in the huff that Mcinnes got sacked. Get rid of all of them in that case.
  14. Absolutely shocking. Get rid of all these players except the young ones. Wage thieving useless cunts they are.
  15. Get Kamberi off. I said after his shitshow against part time Dumbarton that he shouldn’t play again. Yet here he is. Get a grip Stephen Glass.
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