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Wednesday 19th June 2024

Euro 2024 -  🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Scotland v 🇨🇭Switzerland

kick-off 8pm


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  1. I was logging in as a number of different usernames over the Christmas period after several people kindly gave me their login details. The crazy zealot running the show traced the IP, and banned everyone else involved. It's just AberdeenMad all over again. Give one man too much power and it goes right to his head.
  2. It's a disaster area. Mostly Glasgow based supporters. Glasgow based moderation. Apart from supporting the same team, I have nothing in common with people from the Glasgow area.
  3. Do you enjoy making threats to posters? That's usually what gets people into moderation in the first place. Meanwhile you ignore RST making ridiculously insulting posts. PS - I'm allowed to be against women in men's football. It isn't illegal (yet).
  4. Lol, looks like you are triggered again, that's a Rocket Scientist-esque outburst. Maybe get your blood pressure checked out is my advice. Or cut down on drink. You are also a prick by the sounds of it.
  5. Lol, triggered much. I don’t know you at all and by the sounds of it I wouldn’t want to. You can think what you want. You won’t be changing my opinion by whining like a, em, I was going to say girl but maybe that will hurt your feelings again.
  6. I am indeed mysogynistic. I’m not a prick. Its OK, as a bloke you have a clear choice as to whether you agree with this women in football nonsense or not. Whoever is responsible for this is clearly on the wind up. You can have a problem with it if you want. All I see is spineless acquiescence from the blokes of the UK to this blatant female coup. Next we will be seeing teams reduced to 10 players, half blokes, half split arses. Who in their right mind would pay to watch that rubbish. Careful what you wish for with your female worship, you’re meant to be a man. Hopefully Ogilvie will be restricted to making tea and sandwiches and washing up after the boys. Otherwise we’re fkd.
  7. If I could use Google, and indeed Donstalk, then I'd be hard pushed to not know what Twitter was. More importantly, I'm a lot smarter than you so I don't take kindly to you implying I'm ignorant. If females get much more into men's football, I'll be out is all I'm saying. That's my choice. I don't have to like them. I'm like Tyson Fury when it comes to the role of the female in society.
  8. This really just proves the point I was making. As for following female Dons directors on Twitter. Well you can't really sink any lower than that if you're a bloke.
  9. A female on the board now, what a nightmare for the club. Look forward to things going rapidly downhill with her input. Women really don't have the first clue about football and that includes the token muppets we now get bombarded with on Match of the Day. They even have a female presenter ffs. If females get any more of a foothold in the man's game, I'm out. There is nothing they don't ruin.
  10. Ah cool. The Irn-Bru yes sir I can boogie thing is a national embarrassment. The player responsible is not even in the squad ffs. He only has himself to blame as he was pish for the last 6 months but I'm pissed off because we bought a Scotland shirt with Considine 23 on it and now it's fkn useless. Fuck you Steve Clarke.
  11. Not really. We were down to 19 last night. The players only just come out of quarantine in time for the opening game. So lose a few more and we won't be able to field a team. I don't know if there are special rules for this current tournament which allow for further players to be brought in but it won't take much to screw us from here, just one more outbreak.
  12. Scotland play better against tougher opponents. So I think we will do OK at the Euros. England are pretty pish and Southgate is a fud so as long as we don't lose that one I'm not too fussed about the other two games. Can see us getting 4 points from the 3 games.
  13. They've learned their lesson it seems. It won't be surprising if Scotland have to withdraw from the tournament for Covid breaches.
  14. A typically shambolic approach to a major tournament from Scotland. I can see why the Croats and the Czechs thought fuck that.
  15. Covid outbreak in the squad. Burst tyre faced hun minker John Fleck at the centre of it.
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