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Dons vs Partick SC - Sunday

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Scottish Cup action on Sunday, game is live on BBC one. Three players out (from the starting XI) and we're seeing how much depth we have in the squad.  Jack, Hayes and Reynolds all confirmed as being out for Sunday.  Stockley should return, will we see the return of AOC to the first XI or will he continue to be excluded?  We have the team and quality to get through but Hayes and Jack being out are both massive losses.




Hopefully house watching online


1-2 Partick, hope I'm wrong as I'd love to see us progress

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With the loss of Jack Shinnie will defo be in midfield you would think, Christie or PP to play the more advanced role.  AOC will have to come in alongside Taylor for Consi to play left back.  Can see Rooney or Storey starting wide (though PP could play there) with the other through the middle.  No question that Partick will be a tough nut to crack, they are a really solid side and I wait in baited breath to see what the starting line up is.


tv at home

walk the dog

2-1 shinnie and maclean

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Crack on Nips,youre playing a stormer....








.... :eek:



  Hope theres a positive crowd for this one.Not a game to be getting on their backs(Ash/Rooney )after last night.Love the SC,canna beat a cup run.Dons to bounce back with a 3-1 win. COYR

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I'd predict



Logan OConnor Taylor Considine

McLean Shinnie

Christie Pawlett McGinn



Doubt we'll ever see Shinnie back at LB unless we have major injuries. He'd be a wing back in a 5 but pretty sure he's a full time midfielder and a much needed player in midfield for us.



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Looking forward to Sunday, I think it will be a good game with both teams looking to win.


Sitting in my usual seat in the Merkie although the youngest won't be with me as he has something else on which he is not allowed to get out of and luckily enough for me I managed to find someone else to take him to said event or otherwise I would have missed the game also.


DM is going to have to make some changes and I would like to see O'Connor return to the team and be interesting to see what he does with the midfield, hopefully he will try something different, we need to keep McLean in the role he is currently doing as he is far better when attacking than when asked to play deep.


A tight 2-1 win for the reds, Rooney and Pawlett.

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IN!!!! First game since Stranraer in the Cup


There winna be any drinking on the sabbath! But only because of the hangover i'm intending having.


Getting a lift there and back.


Hopefully the shake-up in personnel will inspire us to a comfortable 3-0. (i am aware Thistle have hardly conceded during 2017)



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The pitch will be in some state tomorrow after all the rain today. I was Pittodrie picking up my tickets this morning and the pavements and roads were covered in water around the stadium so can only imagine the state of the pitch.


Highly unlikely it will be postponed though.

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Have to disagree Elgin. I think Thistle will stick with style of play from previous games. They will keep it tight defensively and try to nick one on the break. Thistle will not be to disappointed with a reply either. Injuries are a concern as well. Bad feeling about this one.



Edinburgh Zoo with Bairn

Pub near zoo



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It's a game that we should be winning but a combination of the pitch & enforced reshuffle of the team with injuries is going to make for an interesting game


Thistle will be confident with their recent form and dons need to prove that Hamilton was a temporary blip


A draw wouldn't surprise me...........

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