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Friday 14th June 2024

Euro 2024 - 🇩🇪 Germany v 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Scotland - kick-off 8pm

Come on then...pre match thoughts?


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What's everyone thinking about the game tomorrow?


Personally, despite our recent dire form, I reckon predictions of heavy defeats are probably off the mark (nurse....more medication for Unit please). Why?


Tomorrow will be a totally different game to last Sunday. Against Celtic we were pressed and pressed by them into mistakes and ultimately suffered a heavy defeat. Maybe this is just the natural optimist in me coming out, but I reckon tomorrow will be played at a more continental pace. As such I think we'll get more time on the ball, more time to pick out passes and by definition more time to play decent crosses and ultimately more opportunities.


I also think that Bayern, good as they are, will come here and try to do just what's required in an away leg in order to set up the chance for them to finish things at home.


One things for sure, it's going to be a tremendous atmosphere with 5000 horns and thunder sticks to be handed out so hopefully it will inspire the boys to turn in the sort of display we witnessed against Copenhagen.


Let's hope so.....they don't like it up 'em.


Mon the Reds!!

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I think Celtic are probably a better side than Bayern just now, especially with the players our German friends have missing.  I said in a thread earlier that 0-0 was optimistic, but I think that's possible and it would be a great result to take over there. 


We just need Jimmy to deliver a rousing pre-match team talk about how these feckers bombed our chippie.  ;)

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I cannot wait, i'm going to be really optimistic, but i'm not going to say what I predict incase it jinxes us. Either way, I think the journey home will be a happy one for me  ;):thumbsup: Luckily I don't think the team need Jimmy's "rousing" team talk to inspire them. As I've said before, this is the biggest game any of them will ever play in. They will be fired up as we speak. Mon the Reds!!!!  :thumbsup:

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It's now the day of the game and i'm feeling confident of a good display, whether we get a good

result will be down to the inability of our German visitors failing to take their chances which will

come their way  :o


Thinking along the lines of Scotland v Holland (2003) or France (2006) type performance......take

the lead and defend as if our lives depended on it, backed by a rousing wall of sound from all 4

sides of Pittodrie  :o

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a bit like gettin a blow job aff yer mates burd while he's nipped oot tae the shops tae buy 20 regal  ;D


What you saying is while ye shag yer mates burd he gets the fags in (not a bad deal there min)

tell him to bring a few cans back as well if he is out anyway...


On to the game my only real worry is that JC does not go to negative

Its a home game so lets get stuck into them its the only way..

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2-0 Bayern, and only because they'll be playing a typical European away mach.


Then we'll get to Germany and we'll be good and fucked.


More or less how I see it.


Teams don't tend to destroy the opposition much in Europe, they usually do enough to see themselves through.  2-0 for them would be a mountain for us to climb over there and it would be more or less over bar the shouting.



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Ahh, Valentine's Day romantic terms...


...ME SO HORNY!!!!


we'll be good and fucked.


we'll get pumped




My pre match thoughts will possibly be about sex.


Pumped. :(


I don't think we'll get embarrassed tonight, maybe just a little bit of foreplay before the royal roasting over in Munchen.

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Dinnae ken about abody else but my excitement level is growing and cannae concentrate on the 1,001 things i've got to do work wise afore I leave to head up the road at 1.30pm.

Said for weeks we'll get horsed, but now match day arrives optimism/stupidity level is increasing......


Maybe just maybe we'll keep this tie alive for another week :thumbsup:

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Much as I hope for a great performance and a deserved or even a lucky win...


...I find it almost impossible to have any optimism at all. Went to Tynecastle bubbling with the prospect of a cup-final and left with my hopes in tatters... no building maself up again!!!





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I've an ambivalent attitude to the whole situation.  In fact it hasn't sunk in or neither does it feel like it's actually going to happen.  :-\


Aberdeen vs Bayern Munich in the last 32 of the UEFA Cup.  :o


Might have been different if I was flying home for it but the last few weeks have really fucked me off.  Kick-off in the bar I'll no doubt be fired up like a motherfucker!!


I wonder if all those on KKK who were complaining about the early kick-off will ever manage to get to their seats in time tonight?  ::)

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