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Myles Anderson - new signing?

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Morning paper revealing the Orient defender could be heading north. Was supposed to be going to M'Well on a short term deal, but Broon has presuaded to him come even further north.


Can't find anything about this guy from a quick Google search.  What position does he play?  I've got my fingers crossed that he is a left back.

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Has agreed to sign till the end of the season according to the EE.

So make of that what you will.


Can play either CB or LB, but won't be involved with the 1st team straight away.

If you have signed, Myles. Welcome to the Don's.  :thumbsup:


Aberdeen FC swoop for defender Anderson

Myles signs until end of season


Published: 31/12/2010


ABERDEEN FC have agreed to sign young English defender Myles Anderson until the end of the season.


Anderson, 19, who can play at centre-back or left-back, had trained with Motherwell when Aberdeen boss Craig Brown was in charge at Fir Park.


He also spent a period on trial with Blackburn Rovers at the start of this season.


Anderson is seen as a potential future prospect, so won’t be involved at first team level during the early stages of his spell with the club.


Brown also plans to take in up to six trialists as he steps up his bid to add more experienced players to his squad.

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"potentially a future prospect"?


Does this mean we don't need a left back who can definately do a job for this season? Or do we suddenly have wages to spend on squad players AND new 1st team signings?




Sounds like the boy could be a good enough player if blackburn looked at him. Not sure why he'd be dumped by orient in that case though.

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not sure whether I think is a great idea or not


I fully appreciate the possibility that he's one for the future and on minimal salary but, if we have such a little pot to piss in I would have expected any funds being released to be spent on the experience that Brown feels we need.


So assuming the club have absolute faith in Brown to spot a talent, it seems SM just may have thrown a few extra sheckles in the pot, more than we could ever imagine possible given the fiasco of the summer window attempts to fund a left back. (NB I realise that maybe there are incoming offers for players that will go in January. If so, and he can mastermind departures, then I think Brown is 10 times the bloke I think he is)


Bringing in potential for the future at the same time as experienced pro's arriving ...... well well, who'd have ever thunk it

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A future prospect and wont go straight into first team duties but only signed until end of season.... Does that make sense? Hopefully its just to see if he settles, fits in etc and the plan is to extend the contract if all goes well, which hopefully it does


Doesnt appear to make any sense whatsoever unless we want to see how he shapes up and decide whether he is worth offering extended terms to.

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Seems Brown is keen to bolster the threadbare squad anyway possible which is certainly not a bad thing. This signing doesn't put me up or down but if he is able to come into the team and do a job then welcome aboard! Hopefully a few more experienced players can be added to the squad aswell. Either way it will keep Clarke Robertson out of the team who just isn't ready to be playing regular first team football yet.

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