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Wednesday 29th May 2024

Scottish League Cup Group Stage Draw - 1pm

🔴⚪️ Come on you Reds! ⚪🔴


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  1. At the risk of having been whooshed, I'll bite. How did Xavi and Iniesta get voted the best midfielder in the Serie A?
  2. Fuck me, no wonder you got sacked from your job with the Samaritans
  3. Unfortunately I've not been seeing anything that gives me any confidence that we are capable of either A. Taking anything from this match or B. Going on any sort of sustained winning run. I hope that I'm proved wrong on both counts.
  4. Not that it particularly matters to me because I couldn't give two hoots where any of our managers allegiances lie as long as they do a decent job but Warnock has been spotted many times at Morton over the years and is a member of The Morton Community trust.
  5. To paraphrase: Insanity is playing the same formation over and over again and expecting a different result.
  6. The question I have is why we always struggle against any team which sits in particularly if we don’t get an early goal. We should have a bit more nous and quality about us to dispose of these teams but we regularly play all our football in front of their defence and shift the ball about in a pedestrian manner. Our coaches should surely have a clue how to unlock these teams other than repeatedly doing the same thing.
  7. First time I’ve seen that, Goldson was almost greeting
  8. First half we were a defensive disaster mainly due to playing Morris and Duncan as wing backs. We basically had no cover in the wing back areas which they identified playing numerous high diagonals into, in particular, the right wing back area, dragging our centre halves wide to cover and putting us under pressure. When we moved Devlin in there in the second half and brought on Angus McDonald the problem was sorted. Second half Miovski and Devlin were both outstanding, Shinnie covered every blade of grass and the McG's were both excellent when they came on. I also liked the look of Sokler. Overall there was plenty to be positive about but we cannot start games with that line up very often and expect a result, particularly in Europe.
  9. And if Alex Ferguson had not won all those games with us and Man Utd he'd have been a crap manager.
  10. Goodwin has been a manager since 2016 so surely cannot be labelled as inexperienced. Out of his depth or tactically inept yes but not inexperienced. I think that appointing anyone is a bit of a crap shoot tbh as we can’t afford someone who can guarantee success and in fact that person probably doesn’t exist in our budget range. If Robson’s doing well and putting points on the board then I think we should stick with him for now as a vastly more experienced manager in Goodwin couldn’t do that.
  11. He's convinced me, get him in
  12. He was always a driving midfielder with a will to win. Yes, he can be rash in the challenge but that’s part of his will to win and he has a great attitude. Better than a journeyman in my opinion.
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