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Scottish Premiership:

Aberdeen v Hibernian

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  1. Are you forgetting that Ramirez could also spoil things?
  2. I’m seriously starting to lose patience with this ridiculous circus we’ve become a part of.
  3. Think I just heard Tup's head explode as he read that and started frantically googling what Twitter was.
  4. That today is the worst performance Ive seen since McGhee was here. Depressingly woeful with no positives at all. The managers persisitence with the same tactics that were seeing us getting outplayed was deeply worrying and doesnt fill me with conficence moving forward.
  5. Playing it out from the back was clearly a team instruction today but the players need to have enough game intelligence to know when not to do it. It was clear today that they don't and it ended up with us being in all types of pressure, in the first half particularly. We were much better in the second half, after Hornby replaced Kamberi, who should never be played as a lone striker. Kennedy and McGinn, who mistifyingly got subbed when he was pulling the strings, are worthy of mention for their second half performances. Overall, a decent 3 points which we sorely needed.
  6. There is a ridiculous notion that persists in some peoples minds that because someone was a hard player or a horrible bastard on the pitch that that somehow how makes them more likely to get the best out of players as they will somehow knock their own attributes into them. Often its the very attributes that they showed on the pitch that makes them unsuited to man management and I say this in direct response to those who would tout guys like Brown as just what the current squad needs to give them a good boot up the arse.
  7. A classic and all the better in that it made Chick squirm
  8. We are a formidable team now, full of character and with superb fitness. Couldn't really ask for more at the moment. McInnes has worked wonders and deserves all the praise that he is getting.
  9. Nah, we need one of those mythical keepers who NEVER makes a mistake like EVER
  10. That was a fantastic performance. What an atmosphere and what a cracking gutsy display. This team has a lot of character!
  11. In but not that confident. Thistle have been pretty solid and we cant convert out chances
  12. All sorted, I can login again- Thanks
  13. Out 0-0 Pawlett to pick up his long overdue injury to ensure that we'll be playing either Scott Vernon or a 14 year old boy in the middle of the park come the middle of September
  14. Sometimes it good development though Mav. Im thinking of Mcleish getting played in centre mid when he first came into the team because Willie Garner was the centre half. It doesnt always harm them
  15. Lets hope not. Its bad enough being without Robson for this one, losing the extra bit Jack provides would leave us a bit toothless in the midfield. Fingers crossed its a minor knock
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