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Scottish Premiership 22/23 season start

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Game will definately be off. I do hope so anyway. I'm hoping for a big enough fixture backlog so that I can go to Hearts midweek, as I can't make the 27th. Selfish I know, but i'm ok with it.


Would they bump the SPl game for the Cup game?  ???

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The roads outside Pittodrie were pretty damn good tbh, much better than my street anyway.


They were fencing off the Y as I was walking down Merkland Road.


They're so nice in the ticket office, they even refunded the postage for my St. Mirren tickets, how kind.

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Right outside pittodrie is ok... but check oot Urquhart Road, Park Road, Linksfield Road, Seaforth Road etc etc.


One block away from Pittodrie and I'd guess it's just as bad as your street.


Just cancel the effin thing so folk can make some plans for Saturday that involve staying warm without drinking 10 Bovrils and a hipper of JD.


Even if game goes ahead I reckon it'll a dire attendance. How many Hearts fans would travel?


Given that season tickets aren't valid - there's alot of Aberdeen fans who'd find something warmer to do - like me probably.


Agree to an extent Jager, just don't know when the game will be played.

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Number 25 takes you all the way from the front door of Tinkcastle to the front door of Fester Road. Mind you, there's the small matter of a bus fare ... and we all know these diet-huns dinnae do bus fares, otherwise they'd be aff tae Ibrox each fortnight.


You are thinking of the number 1. 25 goes down Leith Walk.

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