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  1. Cheers. There's better things to kill though.
  2. Ajja


    Took my teenage daughters to see Eight Days a Week. Latest Beatles documentary by Ron Howard. Surprisingly well put together and really enjoyed it.
  3. Pleased to see my old ratings bundle is still intact from my previous DT sentence. I must be about the most liked DT poster on here and I've not been on for years......mmm....possibly linked.
  4. I feel like I've just found an old pair of comfortable shoes in the back of the wardrobe. ....bit concerned the 6th thread down is announcing the signature of Storey Is there a tumbleweed emoji?
  5. ...side by side on my piano, keyboard, oh lord why don't weeeeeee.
  6. Ginger in ginger out. Its like a fucking Irish orgy in here.
  7. - Bottom half of the top 6 for us but whether that's 4th, 5th or 6th is anyone's guess - Huns 3rd - Hearts, Motherwell and Killmarnock others in top 6 - UTD in bottom 6 - St Mirren best of rest - ICT or Dunfermline down
  8. http://www.walesonline.co.uk/footballnation/football-news/2011/07/20/keeper-jason-brown-signs-for-aberdeen-91466-29091168/
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7mbK5wmMxTI Awesome song opportunity. Of course growing the moustache is also a must.
  10. How massive ? 4XL or beyond ? I have a tent I'm trying to shift, it could pass as a shell suit if he removed the poles.
  11. Was it Gonzales playing in the first half or that American trialist...Zimmer or summink ?
  12. Lets not forget that Blackman scored goals for Motherwell.
  13. I agree Flabbis, constantly rebuilding can't be great for any team. Unfortunately it is forced on most average Scottish sides now as any minor positive blip in performance from a player has the vultures swooning immediately these days. We do have a pretty light squad and I suspect that we will see a few loan signing rammed in the door in the latter part of the window. As much as it is torturous to hear the old 'its like a new signing', having guys like Fyvie, Folly and a fit PP (god forbid a confident Mackie!) might make a significant difference to our set up if they can stay fit. It's important to remember that the rest of the SPL is going to be struggling with the same general decline in quality that we are. I wouldn't sling the noose over the barn rafters yet but you might want to be checking out the cost of rope.
  14. We see this every year, are people really so fuckign stupid that they can't see that pre-season reflects almost nothing of the season to come. Its like watching moths at a light bulb. Honeslty Dzzz...ouch still hot.....dzzz..ouch still hot
  15. Except of course for the lost revenue to every club in pushing a game against the OF into midweek. The real joke in the SPL is the 11-1 rule. Nothing else is a surprise with this as the backdrop. Every team and every member of the administration is hanging by the bollocks at the command of two clubs. Just a shame we can't provide a competitive league for them to flourish in as we hang, suspended by torn scrotums. The SPL is like some sort of colonial disaster zone.
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