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Wednesday 29th May 2024

Scottish League Cup Group Stage Draw - 1pm

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  1. Current-gen Stavrum - yes please, we could do with a poacher to support Bojan if he stays ... but especially if Bojan moves on Current-gen Kjaer - yes please, we need an old brute who commands the box and flies at saves like his life depends on it. Doohan did well against Livi, but we need to beef up our choice of keepers, assuming we bin Roos Current-gen Guntveit - yes please, we had this in Rama, but haven't replaced him yet Current-gen Solberg - no thanks. He was absolute gash, and we've got more than our fair share of them in our defence already
  2. Do they win the award of the shittest travelling support ever? I saw Dons Fan VLog's video of the game on YouTube yesterday, and wee Kian who does that VLog panned over to the away section. I counted maybe 10 Livi fans?
  3. Reekie_Red


    The reason they're looking to bin VAR in England is because these "yes/no" decisions are being blurred by VAR. When everybody in the entire stadium can see that someone is onside, but VAR opts to roll for seven-tenths of a second longer to see a defender now playing the attacker offside AFTER the ball has left the foot of the passer, it really calls the entire system into disrepute. It was supposed to make referees' jobs easier, but instead it has made it even harder when it is spotting stuff that the refs and both teams haven't seen. It either needs to move to a stance of "VAR is only called into use when the on-field ref requests it, or one of the team-captains requests it. Rugby League has a Captain's Call system, where each team captain gets one VAR Check request per match. If the check proves they were right, they get to keep that Captains Call for another incident in the game .... but if the check fails to pick up anything, they don't get any more Captain's Calls in the game. But having this third referee scrutinizing every fraction of a second in the game for stuff that nobody on-field ha seen is just ruining the game.
  4. https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/articles/czvjpk7gny9o Just read the above article querying whether the Women's Semifinals should continue to be hosted at Hampden given the low attendances recently. For me, it's not about the physical size of the venue, it's about giving players the chance to enjoy the occasion on The Hampden Turf. For many of these players, playing on that surface is the pinnacle of their playing careers. I ran out onto a too grade rugby field a couple of years ago. Didn't matter that there were only a few hundred folk in the stands, it was more about the occasion, getting changed where some of the world's best have changed, running down the tunnel at the start, having some friends and family there to cheers as I ran put, playing on a surface that felt like a carpet under my feet (rather than a coo field that I'm used to). Shouldn't matter about how many turn up, it's the chance to play at the national stadium.
  5. Everyone at Wycombe Wanderererers rates him, must be exactly what we need
  6. Saw the P&J quoting him as saying he's hoping to bring back success against Ramgers and Celtic. Being honest, I'd make do with wins against Dundee Livi and Ross County. Oh to be favourites against anyone again. But more than anything, I hope the troglodytes amongst our fanbase give Jimmy the time to settle in and make his mark on the team. A lot of this team are contracted for several seasons, but they're not a bad squad ... they're just ultra low on confidence. Welcome aboard, Jimmy Jimmy (reprise)
  7. Worst thing is thr BBC Scottish Football websites first 12 articles are now all about The Rangers. But why do we freeze in the games that count? Did it against Hacken at Pittodrie. Did it against PAOK when we had alteady done the hard work. Did it again here.
  8. Robson is failing to see what even a half-hearted fan can see blatantly. He is astonishingly out of his depth. Sometimes the players really do click, but I put that down to luck more than Robson's tactical nous. He has built a squad to play in Europe next year, but I would be extremely surprised if we get there, and even more surprised if we get there with Robson at the helm.
  9. Toy Bazaar was on Correction Wynd? Fantastic place, as was Alan's Of Aberdeen which was on Hadden St - two massive floors of treasure as a kid. I remember an old joke shop on one of the corners of George Street, it was just like the one in the movie Restless Natives
  10. Reekie_Red


    I missed out when he played in Auckland last night. A couple of mates went to see him though, both said he was just brilliant. He's a comedian id love to see. I've seen Bill Bailey, who is pretty good. Seen McIntyre who isn't bad. Saw Izzard about 10 yrs ago, he was rubbish tbh
  11. Yeah I noted that, at no point in the doco did he deny the allegations. He just said how hard it was on his family. His vilification by the English media and fans following the Simeone incident. He should've moved to Scotland at that time, we would've celebrated him.like a hero
  12. Anyone else been watching the Beckham doco on Netflix? Surprisingly good watch. I've seen the first 2 episodes so far. Some of it you really feel for him, whilst some of it is a good chuckle. Next episode talks about the deterioration of his relationship with Fergie, so ill be watching that tonight
  13. Agree with TLG. We have struggled with the fixture congestion. Shinnie said afterwards they were still focussed on the Motherwell game til Thursday morning. And 4 games in 9 days, as well as being away from families and living in hotels for so long, it can't be easy for them However I am struggling to understand why Robson isn't even giving fringe and bench players much of a go. Gueye, Sokler, Dadia, MacDonald, even Vinny could do with an extended run to give them competitive game time. It would also give the likes of Miovski a rest - the boy has some engine, but spotting him clutching his hamstring in this game is a worry and a sign that he's in need of a rest
  14. Beale was on £600k p/a at Rovers before QPR brought him in. I wouldn't be surprised if he was on £1.2M per annum at Scotland's youngest club. So that'd make it potentially around £3.8M they paid him out today. Just gets sweeter and sweeter!
  15. I've only seen highlights, but what i've seen so far of Gartenmann, he has been excellent
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