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Friday 14th June 2024

Euro 2024 - 🇩🇪 Germany v 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Scotland - kick-off 8pm

Jackie McNamara blames commute for injury problems

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Aberdeen star Jackie McNamara ponders commuting injury link


Apr 7 2008 By Ian Orr


JACKIE McNAMARA believes he may have undermined his career by commuting daily from his Edinburgh home to Aberdeen.


The veteran reckons the strain of the five-hour round trip could be responsible for the injuries that have wrecked his season.


McNamara undertakes the gruelling schedule to be with his family but after missing five months of this campaign he may re-arrange his travel plans next season.


The former Scotland defender said: "It's been difficult dealing with these injuries but I have been through things like this in the last few years.


"This time the muscle tear I suffered in Madrid was a bad one and I'm not sure if the problems are down to a previous injury or the travelling I've been doing.


"I don't know how many miles I cover in a week, it's more about the hours involved so I might rethink that for next season.


"Accommodation is available in Aberdeen but I haven't used it as much as I should have.


"I've had to do strengthening work after being injured the second time to make sure there was no ongoing problem.


"Touch wood, it has been all right so far. I came back against Celtic, played 15 minutes against St Mirren then played the full game against Caley Thistle.


"It's a case of having extra rest as we don't have two games a week now which has given me more time to recover from the injury."


Falkirk haven't won at Pittodrie for 50 years and McNamara said the Dons are determined that record won't end tonight.


He said: "It's frustrating it has come down to this one game because we've had chances to ensure we made it to the top six.


"Failing to beat St Mirren recently was another missed opportunity but to be honest it has been a bit like that all season. We haven't won enough games and now we are in a situation that is of our own making.


"It has been frustrating for me missing so many games through injury.


"But hopefully the top six will be secured and there's also the Scottish Cup up for grabs which would be a great way to finish things off for everyone.


"There are other teams who don't have that incentive still open to them so there is still a big carrot there for us in the weeks ahead.


"There's no relegation to be decided so a lot of clubs will be preparing for next season whereas we still have something to aim for.


"Regardless of whether we are in the top or bottom half of the league we still have to keep the momentum going because of the Cup.


"Falkirk still have a lot to play for themselves which means they will battle for every ball. If they get there then they will have deserved it because a club with Aberdeen's resources are expected to be in the top six.


"If we fail then it's because we haven't been consistent enough, whether that has been because of the added demands of Europe or not.


"We have played a lot more matches this season because of the success in the UEFA Cup and the domestic competitions, which has been a new experience.


"We finished third last season but there was no Europe and we went out of the cups early so it has been a learning curve about how to deal with these demands.


"Hopefully the nucleus of the team will stay together for next season, we will qualify for Europe and we can show we have taken everything on board.


"The sign of a good team is you hit a high standard and maintain that for a long period of time, that's why Celtic and Rangers do so well."


Jimmy Calderwood conceded his side are fortunate to get one final chance to finish at the business end of the SPL.


The Dons boss said: "We are lucky to get this last chance and we don't intend to blow it. In my time here we have never finished outside the top six and I want that record to continue.


"It's not about the money you get for finishing higher up the league, that's for others to think about and doesn't come into my calculations.


"It is all about pride because as professionals you always want to be playing against the best teams in the SPL.


"Obviously, with their lesser resources, Falkirk deserve to be there more than Aberdeen and John Hughes would be among my candidates for manager of the year for the outstanding job he's done.


"But we have a task to complete and there will be no room for sentiment tonight."

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Are injuries the reason he cant pass the ball 5 yards when he is "fit"?


See the EE says today he should be ok for saturday despite being taken off last night due to a knock. Aye right!! He was taken off cos he was fucking pish and every Falkirk attack was coming down our left.


Very disappointed with this signing and if we are to keep on progressing next season, he should be freed in the summer.

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