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Dons v Well

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Missed the last couple of games,be good to see a decent turn out for the boys recent efforts


  Think weve got good cover for the missing players,and look forward to seeing Christie for the first time.We seem to be getting by while Adam struggles,and would persist with him and hope he eventually clicks,(until playing him does him more harm than good)


In or Oot - In  Think were in good form, 3- 1 Dons (Rooney  3 :P)




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Be interesting to see what we do here with Reynolds and Shinnie missing. The biggest dilemma for me is at left centre half. O'Connor was atrocious there against the Tims in the final and previously shaky there against der hun when he moved back from midfield. He couldn't cope coming out of defence on his left foot, it was like watching Taylor on his right foot. McInnes generally doesn't like to play a centre back on their wrong side too. If it were a better team and away from home I think we'd see Considine into centre back and Hayes drop into left back, but because Motherwell aren't that good I think he'll put O'Connor in. He needs to start getting game time again to get his confidence back up. I suspect it'll have taken a tanking after the cup final. I think that with Christie in the squad the midfield will be a bit more simple with McLean dropping deep and Christie filling in behind Rooney. We need a strong performance from McLean, but he's more than capable of playing there. The other option would be to put Hayes back into centre mid, but I don't think McInnes would trust Wright (who would be the most appropriate) to start on the wing.


It's the midfield scenario we knew would happen in January when we didn't get anyone in, so we should be well prepared for this. I still think McLean dropping back to midfield is better than bulking our squad up with another no-mark (Tansey) that we'd end up paying off early and generally just have another guy on the bench that we feel obliged to give game time ahead of any youth coming through. We should still be strong enough to beat Motherwell.

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9-0, all own goals by McGhee.


Would love that to be the case. Horrible, horrible, horrible man.


As Rico says, it will be interesting to see how he sets the team up tonight, wouldn't be surprised if it's exactly as you've said it. O'Connor needs to rediscover some sort of form.

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