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Saturday 9th March 2024:  kick-off 12.15pm

🏆 Scottish Cup Quarter Finals 🏆

Aberdeen v Kilmarnock

🔴⚪️ Stand Free! ⚪🔴

Good luck Dundee United

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Listening to Craig Levein and Eddie Thompson making their post match comments, I've turned from bitter disapointment and a touch of rage, to genuinely hoping they go to Hampden and complete the job.  It's clear that their Chairman is seriously ill, and after eveything he's tried to do for Utd I hope he gets his reward on March 16th.


I am gutted about tonight, I'm nervous that the coming few weeks could see our season slip away to nothing, it hurts us all to be so close to Hampden but to see it slip away.  Whilst proud of the players achievements this season, I'm very aware the end result could be the square route of fuck all.  Happy memories from a few drunken trips abroad - but nothing tangible yet again.


As ever at Aberdeen Football club, the ball's in Mr Milnes court.  Stewart, take a leaf out of Eddie Thompson's book and it could be you making emotional speaches to your adoring public....


No?  Didn't think so.

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I'm not trying to be a good loser, I'm absolutely devastated about tonight.  That devastation is making me look for someone to blame, and while the hysterical masses over on the hat will be clamouring for JC's blood, I'd prefer to see the blame for our lack of success be directed towards the clubs lack of ambition.


And for me that means Stewart Milne.  We were within a ball hair of Hampden, but the January transfer activity shows how much that meant to the Board.  Fuck all.  We adopted a couple of players no other club really wanted - to replace two first team regulars.  Meanwhile Utd cash in on Robson, ship out the dead wood (to us as usual), and bring in a couple of proven performers to get the job done.


Jimmy can only piss with the cock he's been given, and it's not a very impressive cock.

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I haven't heard the comments - but if the man is terminally ill then I agree its a good thing to dedicate the final to him.


As for the CIS cup final - due to the participants for me it becomes a complete non-entity - I will forget it ever exists as an event on the football calendar. I do not wish either of them luck - could not give a flying fuck what the score is.


Feckin Diddy cup anyway ;)

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As much as I hate getting beat by United, I've got to side with CtS on this.


Levein's doing a good job at United, they've knocked 7 past us in 3 weeks.  Thompson has been bankrolling the club he obviously loves, even when they had that clown the Bin Man spending a fortune on players to finish in the bottom 6.  The United players wanted to be in the final and played like it.


Good luck to them.


Oh and regarding this...


I hope his final memories are of a bitter cup defeat and realisation that he'd pissed away his kids inheritance on shite like Dundee Utd.


Harsh and a little bitter because of the result no doubt.  But not nearly as bad as the KKK mod on the live chat last night, who "hopes Thompson dies a painful death before the final".



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No, no, no, no!


Fuck United and their chairman.


The fact that he is ill has fuck all to do with anything.


I hope they get well and truly pumped in the final. Their fans were a disgrace and to hear Levein going on about how great they were with no mention whatsoever of their misbehaviour (either from him or the 'journalist' interviewing him) just about had me wanting to turn back to Tynecastle and give him a good slap!




(No I havenae cheered up any!)



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"I've been supporting the club for 40 years and I've spent a fortune since I took over.


"But I don't care about my own finances I only want a return for the fans."



Cyberpint for the first person to guess who said this, was it...


A. Stewart Milne




B. Eddie Thompson



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I listended to that broadcast on the way home too and although I'm not sure I'd go as far as wanting success for them after the way their fans conducted themselves I did find myself thinking that Levein actually sounded like he had done his preperation and had really really wanted that win and fair play.


I think that came across in the game and I was taken aback by that. You read all the hype around a game like that and you read that 'Miller knows how much it means to Aberdeen fans to be at a final' but somehow it doesn't get onto the field. We simply didn't have th esame hunger, every ball was chased down with lack of energy and hunger.


United deserved the win and we deserved the pumping. Simple as, no point being bitter about that even if they are stinking arab bastards.  :hammer:

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United deserved the win and we deserved the pumping. Simple as


Nail on head.


They simply wanted it more than us.  We can make up excuses, blame the fans, blame the manager, but the simple fact is the players on the pitch didn't fight for a place in the final.  They had a massive chance but blew it, spectacularly.

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