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Wednesday 29th May 2024

Scottish League Cup Group Stage Draw - 1pm

🔴⚪️ Come on you Reds! ⚪🔴

St. Mirren V Us

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Mainly uninspiring stuff over the ninety minutes

Started the brighter of the two sides but soon faded into mediocrity

Second half slightly better stuff and always looked the more likely to score. Main stand linesman seemed to have it in for us and made a few dodgy looking calls not least of which to disallow Hayes "goal". Once I see the highlights I'll be big enough to admit it if he got it right.

Couple of observations, firstly if Robertson is the best young left back in Scotland then we really are in a bad state nationally, and secondly by christ it was fucking cold this afternoon

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Another insipid display. I know McInnes is just in the door but way we have played in the 3 games I have seen has been as bad as anything produced under the previous two clowns. Hopefully he is still trying things out and things will improve after he works with players over the summer but so far not impressed.

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Even his chat before the game was all about a point being a good result on the road, very uninspiring and sends out a totally negative message I think.


We've got a whole season of this to look forward to after the summer, hud me back.  ::)

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Well have seen the highlights and guess what....a.n.other incompetent decision by an official. Helen player at opposite side of the penalty area playing Hayes onside by a good few feet.



Watched them last night and couldn't believe it.  If the game had meant something i'd like to think McInnes would have gone ballistic. Scottish officials are horrific.  The worst part of it all was it was a great move and finish!

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Would agree, cheated out of three points.

Several knobheads on inferior site already delighted to get the chance ot put the boot into our "weegie" manager ::)



I don't blame them. We've never had any success with a Weegie at the helm.. oh wait..

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