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FAO Manc Don and others

Bobby Connor

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To my knowledge, nobody on here ever got banned for simply having an opinion or wanting to debate.


Quantity does not equal quality. In fact, less quantity provides greater clarity.


Hat is shite for a number of reasons. Quality is self regulating. The hat hothouses hellish infantile retards with nothing interesting to say. Ploughing through 189.7 posts to find a fractionally interesting word or sentiment isn't a productive use of time. Whereas you log on to DT and you can come across the most interesting talk on a subject that is revolutionising science, totally at random.


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Look OJ. I don't know how much you ken about 'the victor telling the tale' but we won the war and now we have to decide on the facts of history.


War huh?  Don't they have to be declared? I'm sure i would remember fighting in one.  I used to use the hat all the time as it was the only site i could get on on the work internet.  It changed its firewall type thing and voila i could get on DT.  Took me all off a day to realise that folk actually discussed and debated over here as opposed to "you dont agree then your a cunt" and if you did it to nic-nac you got banned.  I cant help but suspect that some hatters are miffed at the total apathy towards their opinions that is felt over here. 

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Bloody trouble makers:


There are currently 1 moderator reports open.

Moderation Report for Re: FAO Manc Don and others by BigAl

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As far as my memory serves me, there hasn't been a single reported post on here during 2011.

Opinions and lively debate are welcomed with open arms, arseholes on the other hand are pointed elsewhere.


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Reported by fatjim on Today at 10:15:13 PM. They left the following message:


He lied

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