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Next Match:  Rangers v Aberdeen

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  1. Been going really well so far by all accounts.
  2. festival starts today. Get yourselves along to some live comedy.
  3. I am not organising or responsible for the website. I am just gonna be telling some jokes.
  4. I am supporting Michael Redmond
  5. http://www.aberdeencomedyfestival.com Get yourselves tickets for some cracking shows. I am even making an appearance.
  6. My work is full of jambos. Apart from 4 Aberdeen fans. we were buzzin today.
  7. We could just go to somewhere nearby bro. Plenty of ok cafes in shawlands.
  8. I am holding out for a sponsorship deal for the site with rotten.com Then I will be back.
  9. Don't get them behind the goals. Side of the pitch for a better view.
  10. Waiting to see if one of my extras is getting a ticket elsewhere but I will let you know.
  11. fatjim


    Is your delorean working?
  12. 1. Ajja 2. Ajja juvenile 1 3. Ajja juvenile 2 4. Fatjim + 2 5. Jute (baby appearance permitting) 6. Ross Gray 7. Andrew Ingram 8. Alfromsleep 9. Mizer 10. Edinburghdon 11. Angela Thomson 12. Angel Thomson +1 13. Oxford Don 14. Hebrew 15. Peterheid Loon 16. Aberdeen_Ladette 17. James Thomson ( Linda Bro ) 18. Chimp 19. Chimp Snr 20. Nips 21. John Scott (John fae Sunderland) 22. Jute + 1 23. topcorner 24. topcorner dad
  13. fatjim

    Ryan Gauld

    Does look like a good wee player in my opinion.
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