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First 6 games - how will we do

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I haven't voted, because I really don't have a clue how we will get on in these games.


I'm tempted by pre-season optimism to go for 10 or even 11, but post-(last)season reality has me worried it could be as few as 4 or 5...


I can't actually afford to go to games at the moment (or for another few seasons, due to supporting the missus through Uni) and I am similarly torn about that... part of me (my heart) is gutted and missing the bounce, but another part (my brain) would rather remove my fingernails with a pair of rusty pliers than pay 20-odd quid (30 or 40-odd if Mrs Stubo comes along) to watch the pish we have played the last couple of seasons...


Surely it's about time we had a 'nae too bad' season and played a bit of fitba'?!?!?


Fuck it, I'm voting for 12!


COYR!!  ;D

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An optimistic WDLDWL for me  =  8 points.


Would happily take an extra defeat somewhere in there to see us turn the fucking Tims over on week 3 though, to say we're owe them one is a massive understatement.

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