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  1. Well third place just fizzled out of sight with a whimper. I'm glad Dave sat through that. Should help him decide to back glass.
  2. P.s does anybody know what Hendrie was supposed to be doing tonight?
  3. Kamberi is a horse. Ferguson and mcgeouch are boring me to tears. Games flatter than a witches tit.
  4. I'll watch it after the boys game finishes. Hoping after a good bit of time to work on tactics that will see a bit of structure and direction. I think that it'll be a tight draw as we seem to lack the threat to suggest goals.
  5. Sky sports saying that Campbell has confirmed that he will leave the well at the end of the season. I think it's probably the only position where we have too many bodies. Would you take him over what we have? Would we be in with a chance?
  6. Well that was the standard 45 minutes of turgid pish.
  7. The only positive that I can take is that fergie started falling everywhere. Mcginn disappeared, Matty was shite again and the team returned to recently type. At least the new management now know what they're working with ( Or hopefully not working with) going forward.
  8. Goal comes from Kennedy slowing the fuck out of our attack. He's just not premier League level.
  9. The difference for me was that when we broke out, we had a plan and it's was slick. There wasn't a wingback playing sideways passes to a midfielder to send back to joe or Andy. At no point did Andy take his usual half a dozen touches before a pass. They looked hungry to get forward and weren't getting in each others way, slowing it down. Aye Celtic had great chances but so did we and it's been a while since we were creating good chances. I'm impressed by the change in a week. Let's hope it is all coaching and not just a wee bounce.
  10. Gutter but a lot more positive than negative from that display. Where has that Johnny Hayes been?
  11. Ooft, that would've been game over
  12. Loved that first half. They've had their chances but our play had been so much more positive. Passing forward, aggressive in the 50/50, Hayes using the pace he has. Moving the ball quickly on the counter. If glass can get that in a week, we have a lot to look forward to next season. Side note. Keeper has made some great saves and looks like he's giving his all. I've felt for some time that Joe had been going through the motions and don't think he'd have kept those out. Let's hope he has a fight for his spot now.
  13. Games come alive and a goal from open play !!!! I can take my head out of the oven for the 2nd half.
  14. I'm not against playing out. You see it in Germany every week. We just don't seem to have the ability to do it properly despite having an abundance of holding midfielders who should be collecting the ball and turning.
  15. That was the brutal first half that I sadly expected. We must be the only team in history to have no new manager bounce. Flat as fuck.
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