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Darren Mackie Superstar

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I think this is why Mackie has been so popular with different managers.  If he is making a quick recovery then he will be essentially doing what he is told, by doctors physios and whoever he is training under and working hardd at what these people will be telling him  to .


Its an attitude thing. show the right , hardworking, knuckle under work ethic and that wil be good enough for a starting place. 


Thats my opinion on why the enigma that is Darren Mackie was a regular in the first team anyhoo.

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My dad was behind him at the till at tesco last Sunday and was saying he struggled to balance without his crutches so a miracle must of happened in the past few day that he's going to be back so soon


Sounds like his approach to most penalty box opportunities so he might be closer to a return than you think.

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To be fair to Darren, I remember that Euro run we had, after he scored in Dnipro to get us through he then got injured and everyone was hoping he'd be fit ASAP to get back in the team. Thats a pretty factual memory - he was really valued at that time. Who knows, maybe Craigie Brown can make a player of him yet.....


Nae holding my breath like.

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