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Wednesday 29th May 2024

Scottish League Cup Group Stage Draw - 1pm

🔴⚪️ Come on you Reds! ⚪🔴


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  1. Monday 22 April v Hibernian v (A) 7.30 pm (ESPN) Saturday 27th April v Kilmarnock (H) KO 3pm Sunday 5th May v Dundee (A) KO 3pm Saturday 11th May v St Mirren (A) KO 3pm Saturday 18th May v Hearts (H) KO 3pm
  2. St Mirren (H) (11th) - Draw Dundee (H) (12th) - Win Kilmarnock (A) (9th) - Draw Ross County (H) (10th) - Win Motherwell (H) (3rd) - Draw Celtic (A) (1st) - Loss Hearts (H) (8th) - Draw Dundee United (A) (7th) - Draw. 11/24 Points
  3. quirie

    Darts shops

    http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ABERDEEN-DART-FLIGHTS-RETRO-83-3-SETS-9-FLIGHTS-/140771163777?pt=UK_Sporting_Goods_Darts&hash=item20c69d7e81 Getting myself a set of those. Been looking to get new darts myself and didnt realise there were shops in Aberdeen. I'll have a wee visit to them before the United game I think.
  4. Happened directly in front of me yesterday. Russell was one on one with Langfield. Anderson recovered and made a perfectly timed tackle and went out for a goal kick. Russell stood up and looked at Anderson and had the look of "well played sir"
  5. Shocking decision. Would like to know the reasons behind this short sighted dumbfuckery that the cooncil have shown.
  6. Does pre season results really matter? Thought it was always more about fitness. Didnt we get papped 4-0 against Peterheed in JC's last season and still finished 4th
  7. My best memory was from my first ever game against the team previously known as rangers. Was the last day of the 07/08 season with Miller and Mackie scoring. Sitting in Row A of the RDS next to the away fans. When the goals went in the looks on the mutant faces were priceless as they realised that they well and truly bottled the league that year. Someone obviously got so annoyed and chucked a pound coin in my direction. Thought it was affa kind of them to pay us to watch their team getting pumped.
  8. Aberdeen FC, Tyrone Smith, Chris Harvey and Liam McLeod all saying its happening tonight as hes doing his medical just now. Seriously in shock that first we've had the balls to say no to newco and now (95%) havent cocked up saying about Hayes too early as well.
  9. Yeah that its rich we are talking about sporting integrity. The man was a cunny funt We played to the rules of the sport. They broke of the laws of the country...
  10. Tyrone Smith? on twitter #inverness winger Johnny Hayes says he'll be making no decisions on his future until he returns from holiday in the middle of June #aberdeen
  11. http://www.rangerssupporterstrust.co.uk/rstsite/latest-rst-news/454-rst-reaction-to-draconian-sfa-penalties :hammer: :hammer: FUCK OFF AND WATCH YOUR CLUB DIE YOU HUN BASTARDS!!!!
  12. Dont want to see him leave till his contract is up. He acheived his taget in the first season - Stay up. This season has been flat and died out in a whimper after saturday Next season, he has to get us in the top 6. However if he fails to get some width in the team i see a similar season to this. After that I'd say go for an up and coming manager. See how Derek Adams does with Ross County or Paul Hartley does with Alloa after their promotions. Thats the two options i'd like personally
  13. Gutted. Felt worse at Full time today than i did after QoS. Thought that after Fallon scored that belter we'd push on. We dominated Midfield. Defence didnt have too much problems apart from the two goals (Who the fuck was marking o'connor for the first??? Pathetic defending :hammer: ) Sure there was a foul on Vernon just before their 2nd. All if's and buts When Jason Brown came over to the fans (noticed he was the only one who did, the rest either bolted up the tunnel or just slowly walked off) had what looked like a tear in his eye. Think he was the only player that felt the pain we had just suffered
  14. Considine won it. Arnason v utd was goal of the season. Jack got young player Players player went to Considine U19 player of the year was Robertson
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