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Worst ever Aberdeen manager - poll

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For having two full backs when he arrived and indentifying that thats the area of the team that needs improving then being sacked a season and a half later having played half a season with no full backs it has to be McGhee.... I still cant get my head round it, a 6 year old playing a computer game would know you need a person to fill each position and to get a full back or two before you get your 8th striker. Has any manager even been that blind? Its like he just didn't know what constitutes a full team

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Alex Miller was atrocious.  I hated the football we played under him. The Dodds/Winters fiasco alone should have been enough to see him never work in the top level of football again. The fact that the board must surely have signed off on that particular deal is another matter for another (hopefully not too distant) time.


That said, as much as it pains me to say so for he was a magnificent player and remains a true dons hero, Mark McGhee is the worst manager we've had since I started following Aberdeen.

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Anyone who says McGhee ahead of Alex FUCKING CUNTING CUNT Miller obviously never followed us when that cunt managed us. 


McGhee was horrendously bad, undoubtedly, but McGhee would have had a hell of a lot more money to not spend on full backs had the aforementioned cunt never managed AFC.


The bottom line is that Miller held us in the same regard we held him.  The first appointment of Milne's regime; the writing was on the wall in ten foot high neon letters...  :(


The guy had 500 matches at Hibs and only won 95 of them, and yet we still hired him...

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Paterson and Aitken also "merit" mentions, but so does Porterfield.


Although when Fergie left us in Nov 86 we were languishing below our usual place, Porterfield totally misunderstood what was required at Pittodrie. 


Two good things he did:

Got youngsters like Stevie Gray, Brian Grant and Davie Robertson involved in the first team regularly.

Signed Peter and Charlie Nicholas (although it's debatable how much influence he had on Charlie's move)


The bad things:

Thought all he had to do to win was rely on Leighton, McKimmie, McLeish and Miller.


Horrendous mis-use and under-use of Peter Weir.


Believing that some no mark from Shrewsbury Town was a better option than the previously mentioned Weir who had only a couple of years prior ripped to pieces the best full backs in the world.


Playing Willie Falconer. A lot. In loads of different positions. A lot.


With Frank McDougall being injured, he bought Keith Edwards. A shit footballer who didn't score goals.  The exact opposite of Frank McDougall, funnily enough.


Not allowing any of Miller, McKimmie or Robertson to cross the half way line, when they were often our best or only avenues of attacking invention.


Bobby Connor anywhere other than left midfield.


Tom Jones.

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I was there through Miller and it was utterly horrendous, truly awful.


Somehow, perhaps the passage of time, McGhee's tenure has been worse. I accept Miller had more money, I accept the absolute idiocy of the Winters/Dodds deal but fuck me, Velicka/Foster nicks it, as does not having the requisite players for every position, the very basics of football management which McGhee choose to ignore. An abominable manager.

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The miller debacle kicked off just as I went into 6th year and I only got to see 1 game that season (2-0 win over hibs). Given there wasnt the 24hr media coverage or internet discussion forums my main source for AFC news was the P & J and being young & nieve it was just another shit season as most had been since I took an interest in football.


I just recall a stephen glass header shafting the huns championship hopes.


Had miller been in charge now I think he would have edged it but he didnt have the opportunity to make himself look a compelte prik infront of the media like mcghee did.


For sheer stubborn delusionment and lack of squad/money management Mcghee gets my vote

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I said aitken but that was only based on the fact that his time at the club seemed to me like the begining of our transition from contenders to what we are now. from top down the club's mentality seemed to change then.


Although I was young and until recently thought it had been Aitken who bought Winters. So I'm not entirely convinced my mind hasn't just chosen to erase all memory of alex miller completely....

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Even now, it just doesnt seem things are as bad as alex "fucking" miller's time with the club. I honestly struggle to find words to describe how bad those times were, and that is why I am SO angry that this situation has been allowed to happen AGAIN, but now we have less money then "that cunt" miller had.


It makes me sick and even more angry that that disgrace to football has a European winners medal with Liverpool.

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