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Saturday 13 August - kick-off 3pm

Aberdeen v Motherwell

Stand Free!

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How many midfielders do Spurs need?  ???


EDIT:  Beat me to it BB!


;D  the Pienaar one kind of slipped under the radar for me.  I can see why he's the type of midfielder Redknapp wanted - tenacious, not bad with the ball at his feet but works for the team in a Jason Park type of way, however there is something about the player himself that makes me think he's making a mistake leaving Everton as he was a perfect fit for them and I think he may not be quite as effective for Spurs.


In saying that, I've also had a feeling Everton are a bit stale and need an overhaul, maybe this is the start of it ahead of the summer window?

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signed today for the rest of the season


See if the huns can be the club he finally recaptures the form he showed with Leeds and Preston


On his day he scores some fantastic goals, could be quite a coup for the huns. Just when I was hoping their forward line was pish as well.

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Holy fuck, no way is he worth that much.  The EPL has gone mad!

From what I have seen it is SSN that is saying this right enough. Newcastle have said they have received a 30 million bid but have refused to name the club. Again that is according to SSN though so there is a good possibility it is pure shite.

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