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Scottish Premiership 22/23 season start

Stand Free!

Potential 100 targets

Guest donindundonald

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Well, if we can't compete with English 2nd division wages then we can assume the players in question are from the Conference or Blue Square leagues (Does that even exist any more?) 


I don't know any players from those leagues... but I can only imagine they're absolutely top quality players.



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Haven't actually seen where this quote came from but I'm guessing it's came from McGhee?


If so it's quite a smart move saying it whether he meant to or not.  If he lists 100 players who aren't outwith the realms of possibility and the guys holding the purse strings knock them all back then he's not the one shown to be fucking things up for us.


I still can't see where all this money is going to come from though and trying to replace a whole team on Bosman deals will inevitably mean those players will wait til the very last minute before signing in case someone comes in with a better deal.


In otherwords we could be in for a clusterfuck supermarket sweep for the bargain bins.

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Aberdeen FC on trail of Caley’s hitmen

McGhee watching Inverness stars


By Charlie Allan :wave:


Published: 24/03/2010


ABERDEEN FC boss Mark McGhee could be set to launch a summer raid on Inverness Caley Thistle.


McGhee was in the Highland capital last night to watch the First Division side’s 4-0 thrashing of Airdrie United.


The Aberdeen FC manager is targeting players who are out of contract at the end of this season.


To find out who McGhee is targeting for Aberdeen FC, pick up a copy of today’s Evening Express or read our digital edition now.

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Well that "Wayne Rooney Attributes Check-list" is paying dividends already


First name Wayne?  Yes/No


Second Name Rooney? Yes/No


Can kick a football?  Yes/No


Two out of threes nae bad lets sign this boy!


Im sure they are related by bloody or something, im sure ive read it, yes thats it both Wayne & Adam have bloody, so defo sign him....


But now its public maybe Alloa will outbid us :-(

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It's supposedly Adam Rooney we're looking at.


EE is reporting that he is one of only 3 players who still have a year left on their current deal so its unlikely to be him as a fee would be involved.


Might not be rooney, could be foran or hayes who I would take happily at the moment.


Both were mentioned in the EE as potential targets.


So what you can take from all the EE exclusives is............ McGhee was probably never even at the Caley game!

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Guest donindundonald

I guess a positive with targeting players from Caley Thistle is that we won't get the "don't want to move North" card thrown at us?


I'm sure any ICT players will fancy a move south to a warmer climate  ;)

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This guyhttp://www.whufc.com/articles/josh-payne-west-ham_2228487_45086 has allegedly not been offered a new contract at West Ham next season.





We had him on loan last season (in league 1) at Cheltenham, he was a real stand-out. I'm sure he's Championship bound but I would like to think we are aware of him and he was part of the 100 players list.


I feel that strongly that I might even email this to williethefailedchipperman@pittodrie.com

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