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Scottish Premiership 22/23 season start

Stand Free!

Raith roll call


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In/oot: In

Prematch: Driving down tonight and staying the weekend so I don't have to get up early the morn.  Dunno which pub yet but I'll be in the Beveridge Park Hotel

Match: Away end, row pp

Postmatch: Some pub in Kirkcaldy

Prediction: 0-0 bore, me getting drunk, thrown out of the match, pissing the bed in the hotel and getting thrown out of there too.

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We were in there prior to the Scotland u-16s game, dont know if they will like football fans being in there though on a Saturday.


Thats where I'm staying the night so that'll be the starting point - not sure which pub I'll be going to, probably just go for a pub crawl and find out where everyone else is.

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In/oot: In

Prematch: Train I think, not booked anything yet.

Match: Away end, i'd imagine, not seen my ticket yet.

Postmatch: Hopefully excessive Cherry Bakewell abuse.

Prediction: 1-1, with a late Mackie equaliser


Did you get vouchers that were in the Retard last week. You pay £15 on the day with them.

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In/oot: In

Prematch: Train from edinburgh and a pub the locals take us to

Match: Away end, row xx

Postmatch: Globe

Prediction: 0-1 Dons


Travelling up with Mizer  :thumbsup:




in/oot: In

Pre-match: Driving a bus full of cunts

Match: Away End

Post Match: Driving a bus full of pissed up and pissed off cunts

Prediction: 1-0 Raith (because Ive not seen us win or score a goal this season and it would just sum things up)


And back with Tom  :wave:

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