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Re: Dons - Victimhood - Boxing Day 2 pm
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Easiest thing in the world to look on from the sidelines and shout "attack, attack, attack"

Nobody is saying "attack, attack, attack", something that couldn't have possibly been done anyway with only 35% possession.

In fact, we did have an attacking personnel and line up with two strikers and McGinn and MacLennan on either wing. The problem was nothing connecting with our front four, as Ferguson and Ball were sitting way deep with presumably defensive duties drilled into them. Within the first five minutes, it was obvious that Scott Brown was spare. He and their back four were spreading it across between them but because we had May and Cosgrove chasing between THREE men, Boyata, Benkovic and Brown, it only took a few seconds for them to make the extra man count and Brown was able to walk into our half totally unchallenged.

The problem was that we didn't see the obvious unfolding and the antidote was to get Ball or Ferguson pressing higher up and countering the spare man. This isn't "attack, attack, attack". This is schoolboy stuff and simple mathematics. The reason we didn't adapt for the WHOLE game is something we could speculate on but whatever the game plan was, it not only didn't work, it was pitiful. Gordon never had a save to make, we couldn't get close to scoring from open play until it was too late and we conceded FOUR at home, all of which were easily preventable but luck and the way the game goes meant they were due at least one of them.

It was an infuriating performance and for me, totally sickening that we made schoolboy errors both in tactics and the personnel deployed in the back line. Captain Marvel Shinnie offered nothing in midfield once again and shouldn't have even been there. The only reason he's being played there is that at least he has some bite and none of McInnes's recruits are near good enough in the middle of the park. It was an embarrassing capitulation and as Brenda correctly said, the scoreline flattered us. Even the two pundits on Sportscene were saying how Celtic always had an extra gear they could call upon, an extra bit of quality which separated us and given the patent gulf in class, we simply can't afford to make stupid, preventable errors if we want to compete, which I'm not even sure that we want to, as per the aspirations thread.
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