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UEFA Euro 2020 - Croatia v Scotland

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Farking B teams again

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Their PR deflectors have stepped up a gear.

Announced a couple of days ago they are selling off part of the car-park next to the ground for a housing project (wonder how the planners will respond to that given they could actually ask 'OK so where are you putting these parking spaces yer losing) and use the money to convert the office block at the back of the Copeland Road stand into a Seveco Museum and conference venue. As far as I'm aware they have been trying to sell or at least rent that office block for the last 8 years but no-one has touched it.


Now its putting a B team into the lower leagues and they will supposedly buy 200 away tickets for each game (cash upfront  :tumbleweed: ) and also fork out £1000 a match to stream them so the 'smaller teams don't miss out'.


The other week they were allegedly top of the list of UK teams to go bust with closed door football.


I wouldn't be surprised if the alleged 3million they paid for Hagi (notice it started at 5million and then went down each week) was a lie to try and convince their hordes they are actually capable of competing financially with Celtic and maybe even following their recruitment strategy. Difference being the Tic seem to be able to sign up young players for a few 100k and then sell for a few million.


By no means an expert in judging players but something says to me if Hagi Jr was as good as his Dad he wouldn't be at Sevco.


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This was unanimously rejected by the lower league teams last time and the time before. Clubs said it devalued lower leagues by turning them into glorified reserve leagues. Claim that this will help the Scottish National team is laughable given the number of non Scots that both teams regularly sign for their development teams. Hopefully this gets punted again.


As for Hagi fact that Genk were looking to punt him 6 months after they signed him for €8m tells you there is something not right.

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