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Far di yi cum fay and far are yi noo

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Born and bred in Stoney (Stonehaven, the St Tropez of the North East) moved to Inverness in 92, then Easter Ross, specifically Alness, in 05 where I remain to this day.


Love the Highlands, canna see me ever leaving until retirement (which is closer than I like to think about) when I widnae mind biding someplace warm, at least for a goodly chunk o' the year.


Kinda regret never living in a larger urban conurbation at some point, but the age I'm at now, small town, semi-rural living does me fine.

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Born ARI, brought up Hazleheid, spent 15 years overseas and lived elsewhere in Scotland. Back to the NE 12 years ago. Just outside the city now but within a 5 minute drive. No streetlights, no light pollution and a view of the North Sea oot ma windie. No pub the only downside but few people about the big upside.

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