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Dundee Roll Call

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Do not like Friday night games as usually struggle to get away from work on a Friday plus means an overnight stay due to our country's shite public transport system. However will be up on Friday. Hopefully no changes to our starting line up after another win but cannot see us getting Christie from the Tims for him just to swap our bench for theirs. Dundee will be hurting after last weekends cup defeat but we should have enough to beat them.



Travelling up then pub in town


Beer in town

2-0 Hayes and Rooney

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In or oot - Oot


Pre - Work


During - Red TV in Kitchen supping Brew Dog's by the gallon


Post - Supping made Brew Dog


Prediction - 4 - 1 ( Rooney 2, Stockley 1, Lewis 1 (pen) - Christie (OG)



Charlie Christie is apparently called " The Inverness Pele"  not for.his footballing ability though ;-) if you know what I mean :-)


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In / out - out


Far a bouts - casa Malaga, front row seats in front o RedTV


Pre - Torremilinos Football centre, watching my other team. Vamos CD La Cala de Mijas


Post - probably bleetering shite on here or annoying some other peer buggers half canned. I do like a friday dram.


Prediction - 2 nil us. McGinn & McLean

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Hope we all survived the harrowing winter conditions( grey sky,4 mph winds),look forward to getting back to fitba.



      Sounds like Christie will play at some point.Nae doubt theres folk waiting to get on his back,so hopefully hits the ground running.Potentially a better player than Maddison,too

    Who knows what Deeks got planned for the rest of the line up    :confused:    COYR





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I enjoyed that last night. We were slow to begin with and dundee were a bit sharper, not by lots mind, they did get the ball in the net and hit the bar with a great speculative lob, but we grew into our game and it was pretty much one way traffic.


I thought we played very well, couldn't fault any performance once we hit our stride, I still say we need somebody tough in the middle of the park, as at the start of the game we couldn't keep the ball and that put pressure on our defence, which isn't ideal, other clubs are able to exploit this at times.


I thought McGinn played really well and sitting in the Merkie I had a great view of his first goal and it really was a pearler.  Hayes too, boy would we miss his direct running and work rate if he left. If his end product was better, he really would be one of the best around anywhere, but glad to still have him and Warnock should have been told to f off with his paltry 500k bid.  I also thought Jack had another good game and the same with all the others.


I love having Joe Lewis in goals, the guy is a class act, even in games like last night where after the initial DUndee start he didn't have a lot to do, but reliable when called upon.


Loved the ovation Christie got from the South Stand when he came on. He was told you might wear the red shirt, but you have to convince us you are worthy, still feel overall though feel his signing will hurt the development of Wright.


Who am I to argue though with our current run though.


Great stuff and bring on the Thistle I should have said Septic, I never knew we had them on Wednesday, what a time to burst their bubble.


Oh aye, the Ref last night was bloody awful.

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Is that FFS Taylor,or Bearsdenred?        :smile:


Thought Taylor was ok,apart from the odd aimless hoof,Rynolds too


Taylor had one fantastic clearing header in the first half, which showed why he's in the team (cause it's nae for his ability to kick the fitba), and he's been quite solid in our winning run.

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Just watched the highlights, have to say the wee overhead flick from rooney to maclean in the first half gets better every time you watch it.

Re Taylor yeah he looks alright at the moment but i still think he's got big mistakes in him.  Lets face it the back line has not really had too much to do the past few games but next up is a mid-week trip to the san giro and that's going to be a far more testing environment.  I wouldn't be at all surprised if  a taylor fuck up costs us a goal on wednesday.

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