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Staggies v AFC

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Day before game and no match thread.

Is there something to read into that  ;)


An absolute must win game for us



Bookies take on the matter

Longest odds I can find are AFC 3/4, County 15/4.



Recovering from Xmas night out

Listening online

Hair of the dog

1-2 (Hayes & McLean)

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As Scotrail wanted over £60 for the train not making this one. Hopefully we stick with same back 4 from Tuesday but I really do not see it with Stockley so hope we go back to Rooney up front or give Storey a try.



Cumbernauld visiting friends

Clyde v Edinburgh City

Train back to Edinburgh

2-1 Dons Stockley with both to prove me wrong.

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How did we line up today ? From the BBC live text I read in the first half it was crazy that we were behind



Only listened on RedTV to be honest but sounded like we had a lot of the ball and yet failed to find the net yet again while County took two of their chances but missed many more. We could not have complained if we had been two or three down and we have Lewis to thank for that not our defence.

Any team with wasters like Burns and Stockley in it will never be challenging at the top of the league and starting with both of them was criminal. They are plainly not good enough.



On a positive note McLean seemed like he played a blinder. Pity his midfield maestro partner was AWOL again.

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