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Wednesday 29th May 2024

Scottish League Cup Group Stage Draw - 1pm

🔴⚪️ Come on you Reds! ⚪🔴

Victim FC v AFC


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FFS....day afore a game against the minky mob and no thread  ::)


Totally apathy about the game or are folk too busy telling others on social media how their opinions on independence matters are fact and anyone with an opposing view is simply wrong  ???

Roll on 19th September


Anyway to more important matters:





Post golf pints

1:1 Jack

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Up until some welsh cunts got the pub to change the channel , and up until their goal we were playing well. It was a truly shocking goal to concede though and fuck me do we need a left back. Consi is just simply not up to the job. We've had chances to equalise but completely skied them. This is a shit Celtic team that aren't out of 2nd gear. We're making it far too easy for them.

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This could be interesting




Celtic's Aleksander Tonev accused of racial slur by Aberdeen


Aberdeen have accused Celtic's Bulgarian winger Aleksander Tonev of racial abuse directed at their defender Shay Logan.

Referee Bobby Madden received the complaint which will also feature in SPFL delegate John Connelly's report.

The incident is said to have occurred early in the second half of Saturday's Premiership match at Celtic Park.

BBC Scotland has approached Celtic for comment on the matter but the club has yet to make a statement.

The Scottish Football Association expects to receive the report on Monday, following which the compliance officer will decide what action it should take.

Tonev and Logan were direct opponents for much of the match which Celtic won 2-1 .

Logan spoke to the match referee during the game and also told his captain Mark Reynolds about the incident, who also had a word with Madden.

Tonev was making a belated debut for the Scottish champions having signed on loan from Aston Villa in the summer, though injury delayed his bow.

Fraser Wishart, chief executive of PFA Scotland, said it would be "inappropriate to comment at this time" because the incident could result in an investigation by the SFA.

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