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Wednesday 19th June 2024

Euro 2024 - ¬†ūüŹīů†Āßů†ĀĘů†Ā≥ů†Ā£ů†Āīů†ĀŅ Scotland v ūüá®ūüá≠Switzerland

kick-off 8pm

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PM me with your team of 4

teams already chosen




Mohammed Karzai

Jalal Talabani

Margaret Thatcher deceased ya fucking dancer I should get double points for this fucking whore

The Queen




George Beverly Shea

Ruby Muhammad

Dolores Hope

Luise Rainer


Nellie the don


Stephen Hawking

Rush Limbaugh

Denis Healy

Chuck Berry



The Lurker

Michael Winner deceased

Dolly Parton

Rupert Murdoch

Peter O Toole




Pete Doherty

Guy Roux

Jackie Stallone

Mickey Rooney


Drew Peacock


Dennis Norden

Robert Mugabe

Billy Graham



Jack Klugman deceased

Muhammed Al Fayed

Jimmy Hill


Superstar Tradesman


Kirk Douglas

Fidel Castro

Micheal Moore

Ronnie Biggs




Nawaz Sharif

Barron Hilton

Ayad Alawi (Iraqi PM)

Magic Johnson




Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah

Yitzhak Shamir

Ian Brady




Jake Lamotta

Bashar Al Assad




Javier Pérez de Cuéllar

Henry Heimlich

Maureen O'Hara




Kate McCann

Kylie Minogue

Vladimir Romanov

Prince Philip




Sir Geoffrey Howe

Nicholas Parsons OBE

Jimmy Young

Christy O'Conner Snr




Betty Ford


Harcus (2008 & 2009 Champion)



Nancy Reagan

Ariel Sharon


Bilbobaggins(2010, 2011 & 2012 sudden death Champion)


Anna Wing




Eddie The Eagle

Maddie McCann

Bruce Forsythe (The cunt is dead to me so half a point)




Michael Heseltine

Tony Benn

Gerry McNee




Rowdy Roddy Piper

Keith Richards

Jerry Lewis

Al Molinaro




Terry Wogan

Trevor McDonald

Bill Tarney (Jack Duckworth)


El Padre


John Hartson

B B King

Chapman Pincher


Leith Red


David Rockefeller

Archie Macpherson

FW de Clerk (former SA President)

Frank Williams




Edwin Morgan

Russell Watson




Johnny Vegas

Mahmoud Ahmadinejad

Robbie Coltrane




Lester Piggott

Hulk Hogan

Britney Spears


Dave min


Brian Wilson

Charlie Allan

Ali Khamenei





Pervez Musharraf

Ehud Olmert

Ramzan Kadyrov 




Eli Wallach

Danny Baker




Hugo Chavez

Percy Sledge




Barbara Windsor

George Bush SNR

William Shatner

Ozzy Osbourne




Hugh Heffner

Joanie Laurer

Matthew Pritchard





Jimmy Carter

Stanley Baxter

Jerry Lewis

Tony Iommi


Peterheid Loon


Tommy Cannon

Bobby Ball

Terri Irwin (Steve's wife)

Lindsey Lohan




Peter O'Sullivan




Richard Attenborough

Bobby Charlton

Barry Humphreys

Roger Moore


Big Al


Alfredo Di Stefano

Pete Burns

Arnold Palmer


Aberdeen Ladette


Dick Cheney

Kenny Richey

Eileen Derbyshire




Cilla Black

Trisha Goddard


Oxford Don


Mikhail Gorbachev

Lawrie Reilly

John Hurt

Salman Rushdie




Shane McGowan

Gary Kasparov

Boris Berezovsky

Tom Sizemore




Shirley Bassey


One Bobby Clark


Dino de Laurentiis

Ray Bradbury

Robert Downey Jr




Graham Crowden

Michael Caine

Christopher Lee





Paul McCartney

John Greig




James Martin

barry manilow

Clive Swift




Pope benedict

Sean Connery

Murdo Mcloed





Courtney Love

John Goodman

zsa zsa gabor

Steve Tyler




Brian Blessed

Patrick Stewart

Henry Winkler

Pete Townshend




Nelson Mandela

Chhouk Rin





John Virgo

David Attenborough

Donald Findlay QC

Neil Lennon



PM me with your team of 4.


CD Primera Liga Division 2013


Robo 1pt

The Lurker 1pt

Fatjim 1pt

Minijc 0.5pts

Everyone else 0pts




CD Primera Liga Division 2010/11/12 (sudden death)


Bilbobaggins 3pts CHAMPION

Nellie the Don 2pts

RDU_64 2pts

snapper 2pts

Kowalski 2pts

Harcus 2pts

madbadteacher 2pts

Brownybrown 2pts

Minijc 1.5pts

Stonefish 1pt

Andrew 1pt

10menwent2mow 1pt

El Padre 1pt

Zander 1pt

Drew Peacock 1pt

One Bobby Clark 1pt

Monkey 1pt

Dandyjam 1pt

Mentorred 1pt

Aberdeen Ladette 1pt

Robo 1pt

Baggy89 1pt

Tenementfunster 1pt

everyone else 0pts




CD Primera Liga Division 2009 finishing table


Harcus 3pts

Nellie The Don 2pt

Baldrick_sheep 2pt

Monkey 2pt

Swaddon 1pt

Slim 1 pt

Andrew 1pt

10menwent2mow 1pt

Smooth 1pt

Cowie 1pt

Mentorred 1pt

Penfold 1pt

Kowalski 1pt

MarkyMark 1pt

Stonefish 1pt

Ajja 1pt

Bilbobaggins 1pt

EPK 1pt

Octavion 1pt


Everybody else 0pts




CD Primera Liga Division 2008 finishing table

Harcus 3pts

Ajja 2pts

Monkey 2pts

Sneckie 1pt

Penfold 1pt

Aberdeen Ladette 1pt

Sheep Shagger 1 pt

One Bobby Clark 1 pt

Leith Red 1pt

Nellie The Don 1pt

Caroline B 1pt

Dave_min 1pt

Everybody else 0pts

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Anyone Pick Heath Ledger?


by Entertainment staff





Heath Ledger dead




The Academy Award nominee has been found dead in his home.

Related Video: Heath Ledger on playing Bob Dylan in 'I'm Not There' | Fact or Fiction: How well do you know Heath? | A sneak peek of Heath as 'The Joker' in 'The Dark Knight'


Story still developing....


A police spokesperson has confirmed that actor Heath Ledger, 28, was found dead in his New York home .


TMZ reports that Ledger was found in bed by his housekeeper. No details have been released as yet, but TMZ says that law enforcement sources are not treating it as a crime.  CNN reports that he was surrounded by over-the-counter sleeping pills.



TMZ says that a masseuse arrived and was let in by the housekeeper. The masseuse knocked on the bedroom door and when there was no answer, opened the bedroom door and found Ledger unconscious. Paramedics were called and found Ledger in full cardiac arrest. He was pronounced dead at the scene at 3:30 p.m.


The Olsen connection: Ledger was staying at an apartment owned by the Olsen twins.


Ledger, who has a daughter with fellow actor Michelle Williams, was nominated for his role as the cowboy Ennis in 'Brokeback Mountain' and just wrapped filming on 'The Dark Knight' where he played the Joker to Christian Bale's Bruce Wayne/Batman.


Ledger was filming 'The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus,' directed by Terry Gilliam at the time of his death.


Selected Filmography:



The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus

The Dark Knight

I'm Not There


Brokeback Mountain

The Brothers Grimm

Lords of Dogtown

The Order

Ned Kelly

Four Feathers

Monster's Ball

A Knight's Tale

The Patriot

10 Things I Hate about You


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