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Wednesday 29th May 2024

Scottish League Cup Group Stage Draw - 1pm

🔴⚪️ Come on you Reds! ⚪🔴

Scottish Cup Semi Final Sunday 13th April 12:45 Live on BBC

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  Cool, lets hope they get the seating right, put the st johnstone fans in the main stand only, then the rest of the stadium over to Aberdeen fans !


Main stand holds almost 21000 fans.


Most I'd say they will get is the Govan stand that holds about 11000 but will probably end up with one of the goal end stands (7500 not including the infilled corner bits)

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Well lets see how it all develops.


Chick Young's thoughts at half time


We are not watching Barcelona yet, but we are looking at a much-improved Rangers, who have had more chances than they did in the first game at Ibrox.


Least when he finally retires he can have a career in the sex industry because apparently he no longer has a gag reflex.

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Sportsound tonight was slightly interesting.


Had the Arabs chairman on and I believe he said he felt safer in with his own supporters than he would do in the directors area at Ibrox. Apparently he was getting threatened last time he went there in the cup.


They then got ex SfA prick George Peat on the phone (believe this is the same twat who cut Ross County's and Dundee's training funding for breaching an SFA rule on disclosures that wasnt required under scottish law)

He was against the choice of venue but adamant that tickets should be shared out based on past semi final appearances as it wasn't fair that 40000 odd rangers/ celtic season ticket holders should miss out because the smaller teams might suddenly find an extra 5000-10000 fans who will only come along for the big occasion.


One of those moments I found myself cursing at the radio and wishing the sportsound team to ask him if he thought the semi final attendances for the teams outside the OF might be if they played them outside Glasgow with 3pm KO times?


Also to task what Aberdeen's allocation might be should we beat St Johnstone next month infront of 25000-30000  dons fans? Could we expect a 50-50 split with the Arabs or blue meanies? Or would it be that with either miss out  to Sally's hordes or can bully United to a lower allocation?


Would appear the pressure is on Aberdeen & St Johnstone to sell as many tickets as they can as each empty seat will count against them come the end of May.


Fucking despair sometimes.

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subject to agreement between the clubs


'Can the arabs have more seats Sally?'




'Sorry guys we tried'


I presume that they are also taking rangers last semi final attendance into consideration.


approx 22000 sold from a 33000 allocation for a lunchtime kick off on their own doorstep.

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