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Wednesday 29th May 2024

Scottish League Cup Group Stage Draw - 1pm

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World Cup 2022: Uefa members back winter tournament in Qatar


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Uefa's 54 member associations have given their backing to moving the Qatar World Cup in 2022 to winter.


There have been fears about Qatar's climate in summer as temperatures can reach 50C since their bid was successful in December 2010.


"What has come out of this meeting is that the World Cup cannot be played in Qatar in the summer," said Britain's Fifa vice-president Jim Boyce.


"Everyone was certainly in agreement about that."


Boyce added that the debate was now regarding whether it would be played in January 2022 or November and December of that year.


The British associations want to ensure their festive fixtures are protected for their domestic league seasons, while Uefa favour January so that it would not impact on the Champions League.


But Boyce, who is also a former president of the Irish Football Association, says the associations do not want Fifa to rush that decision.


"There is still nine years to go and people feel Fifa should sit down with all the major stakeholders and come up with a solution that would cause the minimum disruption to football.


Corrupt cunts

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Is it the Qataris that are corrupt or just FIFA?



Well, for an Arab country with fuck all history, minimal population, shite footballing and fan conditions and the ability to move a WC from summer to Winter?  Both, they are both thick as thieves.  Granted, clearly the Qatari's were just playing the game that FIFA want to be played, but there is no way in hell a country like that would be receiving the WC over established countries.  Their "bid" was clearly massive.




[/size]Football could be kicked out of the Olympics if the 2022 World Cup is moved to winter.

[/size]Full story: The Sun (subscription required)

[/size]And the IOC has warned Fifa that the 2022 World Cup must not clash with that year's Winter Olympics

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Has anyone got the actual details of their bid other than these new fancy stadiums which they will apparently be flogging off to Africa afterwards?


Qatar is a 1/7th the size of Scotland with population of about 2million (only 250k citizens apparently. The rest are foreign workers) with about 70% of that living in one city.


Their planned stadium capacity for the tournament is just over 600k (Almost 1/3 of the population)

They will need to have Hotel rooms for about double if not more than that aswell as restaurants, transport infrastructure all built with cheap foreign 'slave' labour.


Wonder how they will handle 20-30000 England fans invading their country plus how many other thousand dutch, german, french, italians etc


The place is going to be a ghost town akin to those recession hit developments in Spain come March 2023





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think this was their video, think they gave out pink tablets when the fifa members watched in




Lets hope all the nations all sue FiFA, would it not be funny if all the clubs Boycotted the games !




Most 'compact' world cup ever?

Water taxis?

One of their Vids even has 'just 30mins from Bahrain suggesting they are relying on their neighbours to take up the accommodation slack.


German, English, Polish, Russian, Dutch, Italian, Turkish etc all within 1-2hrs of each venue in hot confined areas getting hassled by local plod when found to be drinking in public squares etc?


Well they all get on so well nothing can go wrong there. Im starting to look forward to it  ::)




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Given what my dad said he witnessed in the couple of weeks he was 'trapped' in  Dubai (Ash cloud 2011) that article doesn't surprise me at all.


Stories of horrific treatment/ slavery of migrant workers (Construction, hospitality and servants to the wealthy) from Philipines, bangladesh, Nepal etc in the middle east are all too common and it will continue until either the oil runs dry or the west finds an alternative source whereby and the middle east's silly rich mans toy economy will fade to collapse.

If the yanks and Russians start plundering the Arctic that might be sooner than they think.



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Suffering fuck. I used to love the World Cup when I was a kid. Now I just see it as a horrible cesspool.


This has probably done it for me too.


Really lost touch wi international football over the years but this just shows how far away from a fans sport it is now.


From the wee fannies that get aw billy big baws when they get a blazer right up to the horrible cesspool of fuckers running the game, it's all shite.


Walmart Wanks v Toyota Tittyfucks contest the World Cup Final.

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    Fifa has completely ruled out any prospect of the Qatar 2022 World Cup being played in the summer.

    President Sepp Blatter had already said the tournament would be in November or December but organisers had still hoped to host it in June and July.

    But Fifa general secretary Jerome Valcke says it could take place between 15 November and 15 January.

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