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Happy? New Year.

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Over the last week or so I've spoke with a good few friends and collegues who have all told me they can't wait for this year to draw to a close.  All for a variety of reasons which I won't bother to go into.


Ahhh......... go on then.........


No, best not.  ;D


Anyway, it got me thinking and despite nothing untoward happening in my own life, I too am looking forward to wrapping up 2011.  I suspect that could have something to do with a couple 'big' holidays coming up in Dec, Jan and Feb.


I'm a little peturbed by that though.  I have always looked forward to what the future might bring and the start of a new year but I cannot ever remember wishing my time away so much before, or maybe I have and I've just not noticed and it's been highlighted by others wishing the same? 


What is the general consensis out there, was 2011 a bogey, or have you had a string of good luck?


Or was it just a bog standard year, same as any other with the usual ups and downs?

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Fucking awful.  I really wont miss 2011 4 funerals (including the one tommorow) and varying grades of shitness since half way through january.  Maybe the tens are going to be like the star trek movies, odd numbers shite and even ones great as 2010 was a cracker.  By that logic a wrath of khan year is up ahead which cant be a bad thing

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Can't complain, graduated, got a job, been on a stack of holidays, moved to a new city, met some good cunts and some bad cunts.


If next year was like this one then I'd be delighted.


I've pretty much had the exact same year as you then.


Hoping for the same next year along with some Boss shows.


Life is good.

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Bit up and down to be honest, my father survived a serious illness, tragically lost my brother in law at far too young an age, and became a grandfather for the first time in late October.


On the job front and the AFC it has just been pretty much different year, same shite.


2012 is going to be a big year for me :thumbsup:

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Great start to the year , enjoyed Africa and what we did their work wise and charity wise, middle of the year was dissapointing and had some ups and downs , but end of year isnt going to well busy at work missing christmas and new year with the family as new B2B is for want of a word being difficult.

Next year I think will be intresting , working in a new country again and so far enjoying it Haifa is lovely and people are really freindly which makes a change considering some places i have been

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