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Takes me back to my youth, my mother (god rest her soul ) loved liver and served it up to us regularily, which was alright for abody aprt from me, as I fucking hated it.


Scarred me for life, can't even stand sitting aside someone eating it nowadays



I'm with you there. It's nae fine. The texture is awful.

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Texture is a state of mind. Taste is the main criteria for eating.


We had oysters yesterday in Cafe Royal, Edinburgh to start a wonderfully decadent 3.5 hour "meeting". Not everyone's cup of oatcakes. They were awesome. First time I've had them for over 20 years, since the Rocks under the Sydney Harbour bridge. Followed that with Mussels. First time I've ever had them in my life. They were excellent too.


Complaining about food texture as anything other than a very secondary observation is absurd.

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The visual aspect, both colour and presentation, has a bigger effect on the dining experience.


Those who are put off oysters or lambs liver or grilled crickets by texture alone are sacrificing the primary consideration for secondary ones.


I had moneky's brains once. It was presented in this wee criss cross pastry job. It was fucking shite. It looked grey, unappealing and slithery. It was indeed slithery but I hated it because it tasted disgusting. The fact that it didn't look too appetising did not affect my taste experience. The texture didn't matter by the time it slipped down the back of my throat.


It's magic when you get a good surprise and superb taste comes from something visually odd or undefinable. Sucking the fat and gristle off chickens feet in Chinatown in Melbourne wasn't visually appealing but by fuck it tasted fine.

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Love liver but prefer Ox liver and good stuff fae the butcher rather that supermarket stuff.

Been informed Re. the suggestion on deep fried liver that as liver is already quite dry when cooked that its not the best thing for deep frying.


On a side note my peckish and theres liver in the fridge, its tempting after reading this but its a wee bit late for cooking..... Will have to wait til Monday, got a nice joint of gammon for imorn

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I have quite a broad palette which I expanded greatly when working abroad. A night out wouldn't be complete without a bag of grasshoppers and some chicken c*nts somewhere along the way. I drew the line at bugs with 'soft parts' when being consumed but that was about all. Pork ears, chicken hearts, all sorts, not a problem, chicken heads, feet,all manner of offal etc... Loved every minute of that stuff.


But liver, kidney and sweetbreads make me f'kn barf and its specifically the texture.

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