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McGhee is among 6 who have been approached for the Port Vale job

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Quotes from local paper:


The experienced McGhee has previously managed Leicester City in the top flight and won promotions with Reading, Millwall and Brighton.


McGhee, who has also managed Wolves and was sacked by Aberdeen last month, said:


“All I want to do is work and Vale are an attractive club,  because they’re doing so well.


“I know Micky Adams well and I will talk to him about the job – I’m open-minded and, of course, I’m interested.


“I know that part of the country having managed Wolves and I’m looking around for opportunities.


“It’s not just a case of going for every job, it’s important to go for the right fit – I want to look people in the eye and say ‘I really want to do this job’.


“I’ve never worked in League Two, but I’ve got teams out of League One in the past.”

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McGhee added, "Of course, this is unless the Celtic job comes up.  Celtic are better than you lot, eh? And if that falls through then you lads can be my safety net. "


"How about that?" continued McGhee. "You lot.  Nae as good as rashellic?"


"How are you boys aff for full backs?" McGhee added, beating this particular horse to a bloody pulp. "'Cause we'll need to get rid o them, but."



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