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Scottish Premiership 22/23 season start

Stand Free!

Preseason games


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I can't think of anything worse than a preseason trip to Dunfermline. Well, apart from us re-signing McDonald.

Pre season games are rubbish, Adeen does have a large support in fife/central area so its good from that perspective, Dunfermline finished the season well and its their last game before the season starts so could be a decent game for them.

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Neil harris the striker if i'm not mistaken. A hero down there. Came back from having testicular if i'm correct? I've heard plenty of horror stories about going to the new den as an away fan.


It's not a bad away day plenty decent pubs where the cops like to keep you (London Bridge??), you've got to walk through this 196457905_7062cf1a04.jpg when you get to Bermondsey which I'm sure was put in place to make you feel intimidated rather than for your protection. Might be different if Aberdeen descended on Bermondsey.

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If this is true I'm out of retirement for a few days, imagine the renuion of lads we'd get for that one!  ;D


Hibs away in November was good, this would be 100 times the size of that.


Please let it be true.  :thumbsup:


Aye, the ASC were out in full force that day. All 0 of them.  :hammer:

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